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  1. Loving the new automation stuff so far. These are some small ideas for future additions or improvements I would love to see. 1. A timer. Perhaps this is an addition to the button repeater, where we can set a delay for the repeat. Or, perhaps it's a new item which can be placed, attached to a soil centrifuge (for example) which sends a button press on a set timer. This will mean that people don't have to create timers by using storage and resource cannisters, chained together. 2. A 50% storage/battery/power detection mode. e.g. full or half full, half full or empty, etc. Or perhaps a fully customisable "high and low water mark" style range for these triggers. At present, if you set a battery sensor to full or not full, it can trigger in rapid succession due to it triggering as soon as the battery loses a tiny amount of power, resulting in power generation, resulting in it shutting off, then immediately triggering again. Being able to trigger on full or empty solves it, but leaves power generation to only start when empty so that if you're consuming slightly more than you can generate you run out of power. If it triggered on half full, it would delay the time you run out of power. 3. Resource conveyor belts and/or pipes. It's annoying having to collect and carry my resources to my printers, why can't I automate this. I don't think we want items to simply travel down the existing power cables, for example, as we need to be more selective about where items come from. I don't necessarily want to steal carbon from my stockpile for the generators, for example. 4. Gas storage silos. Storing gas is a pain. 5. Auto arms for larger items. I would love to be able to automate research of large items, and recycling of large scrap. Or to be able to set up an arm which swaps my full storage with an empty one on a vehicle when I simply pull up next to it (would probably need 2 arms, one with a storage not empty filter, and the other with a storage empty filter or something). 6. Auto arms use too much power when idle. Having an auto-arm on a vehicle will drain power rather too quickly, IMO. Thanks!
  2. Solution found .. audio does not work with my Oculus Rift plugged in. Note, my default device and default communication device are set to my headphones (in fact I have a tool to switch these from speakers to headphones to rift). I am guessing some early work on VR has crept into the live build?
  3. Deleting GameUserSettings.ini does not help (I read about audio issues resolved this way in the rover update)
  4. Running the 0.8.0 build, via Steam, I get no in game audio of any kind. I went back to the experimental and the audio was just fine. Let me know what info, logs, etc I can provide.
  5. @JohnSmith666 I am seeing similar issues. I think rewards need a weighting (or the existing weighting needs adjusting) so that we are more likely to see the more useful early game research first, as this will smooth out the curve and make things a whole lot more "fun". I think also that certain rewards ought to be "gated" behind others, as in your example of 3 seat coming before vehicle bay, this should not happen. The vehicle bay should be a gate for the other vehicle related rewards - seats, large storage, rover, truck, shuttle, winch, etc. None of those should occur before Vehicle Bay. All that said I think the change is a NET positive, because.. I like that we start with less, it feels like more of a game with more of a challenge and less like a do anything you like sandbox. I prefer adventure mode minecraft to creative mode, so I will prefer a more gameified Astroneer too. I like that we get small items as rewards for already researched containers and not just resources, the goal of making containers we've already seen more valuable has been achieved, but only somewhat. I'm not going to write home about getting "filters" out of one, for example.
  6. This is my #1 minor annoyance. My wife, my son and I all have a save and it's hard to distinguish them. My wife has since purchased the game, making things easier, but still. Being able to give each save a name would be awesome. Obviously this might be harder on some platforms on others, I'm on PC (which I suspect might be the easiest to do this on) so naturally I favour a quick fix for PC. Being able to delete saves would also be nice, however that's less of a problem as I know where they are and can operate windows explorer. Again, on other platforms this is a bit harder to do manually like I do.
  7. I loaded my game to find my truck embeded in a shuttle (which I did not build) and the both of them embedded in a weird black rock which constantly morphs and flies about the place. This was the front section of my truck, with it's seat etc and the rear section is being towed along for the ride. When I quit to menu, the game crashes (I have filed 2 reports for that via the popup)
  8. It's not just the vehicles, IMO. WASD should be relative to the direction the character/rover/truck is facing, and not the camera. W should always make the astroneer walk forwards, where forwards is the direction they are facing.
  9. Bring the game menu up with F6. Click outside the menu area (mouse pointer turns from arrow to small dot). Press F6, nothing happens. Click on the menu area. Press F6, menu closes.
  10. I was in the game menu (pressed F6) and I had just adjusted the audio music level to zero. The F6 menu button would not clear the menu, a storm came up and I died. When I respawned there were some weird black blocks by my habitat.
  11. Using the crane with a drill attachment I tested it on the ground and, not realising it, collected a small amount of organic material. This material is stuck on the storage module and I cannot remove/discard it, nor can I attach the smaller storage module I want. I tried collecting more, this completed a unit of organics then started filling another collection point.
  12. Mouse and Keyboard Steam (beta-build) I built a truck and trailer from two "truck" sections. The front section had a single seat. The back section had a crane with drill attachment, and truck storage with 3x storage attached. If drove this truck a very short distance, the detached the truck sections. I drove the front section to the vehicle assembly and added truck storage, then attached storage to both sides and placed solar panel at the front next to the single seat. I attempted to drive this section back to the other, only to have it accelerate like mad, chuck me out and zoom off across the map. It got stuck on terrain and I caught it, got back aboard and it immediately did the same thing again only this time it was back-flipping in a large hole I had dug in the ground. I quit to menu and went back in, and it started behaving correctly.
  13. Seconded. Holding a button and using the mouse scroll to adjust the size would be awesome. Also, it would be nice to change the shape of the effect, currently it's round how about a square effect thus allowing easier creation of vertical walls.