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  1. Hi, Re-occuring bug is that you are walking along and you get either catapulted up or down one or more levels on which ever planet you are on. You can be molding the ground or just walking along and suddenly you just get fired up or down through solid areas to an area where you may not have tethers suppling oxygen and no idea where you are relative to any exits and it is just time before you suffocate and effectively lose all the items you are carrying, as it is doubtful bases on the size of th eplanets that you know where you are. Also, there are achievements that seem impossibly to achieve. I have tried Baby You're a Firework Launch 10 fireworks in 10 second Tried 4 times on Atrox where I have a solid supply of Sulphur and able to create carbon and then launch 10 fireworks and still no achievement. Delve Greedily and Deep Travel to the Mantle depth of any plane The above Achievement has 0% global completion which leads me to believe no one has completed it. The above achievement either has a more specific vehicle or way to achievement, I have been to the core or all bar two planets and only need to complete 10 Gateway Chambers and 2 Gateway engines before I am close to finishing the game and this is worrying me that I seem not able to complete the achievements
  2. fluffyarmadillo

    Laser Cutter Mod

    Idea for harvesting debris which is too big to shred. Have a Laser Cutter Mod, Similar to the drill head, expect this cuts up debris it is pointed at. The other cost is creating containers for the scrap which is a 2x2x2 box with fits in a slots used for something like the solar panel on the rover. As you use the laser the box fills up similar to the way the soil canisters do and then when one is full, you can bring it to the shredder and scrap it for the scrap, this also destroys the container, so you would need to make another for collecting more scrap.
  3. fluffyarmadillo

    The Rover Update - May 8th, 2018

    Does the new patch for the Rover include quick sand, it took me 40 mins be triangulation to find one. Stuck in the ceiling of a cave.
  4. fluffyarmadillo

    Tether Calculations

    There is an issue with tethers calculating connections with other tethers and/or connections with oxygen and power. I noticed after a while that it was taking 4 seconds to drop or pick up a tether with is connected. And it got worse as 8 seconds, when I realized that it must be trying to trying to calculate all the tether connections every time you drop or pick up a tether. I know this is true as I removed linchpin nodes to reduce the number of loops occurring and it sped up and I could add more and more tethers without it slowing down. I would suggest looking a loop collapsing to stop need to processing closed loops. Also, chunking volumes and only processing the tethers up to where they enter or leave the chunk, so you can tell if it is sending or receiving power + oxygen. If you don't deal with this now, it is only going to get worse later on and cause worse headaches to the multiplayer part of the game with the same issues.
  5. When trying to buy the Tethers from the Blueprints, I had 30 units of Data and the blueprint costed 30 and it would let me buy until I had 31 units of Data. This is a class x > y rather than x >= y error in games.