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  1. I am not sure the name of the planet, but it's the one meant to emulate mars. It's the nearest full planet to the starter planet. It has for months had invisible walls that I simply had to deal with, and even in 1.0 it STILL persists. I will run, encounter what feels like a physical barrier, then it'll go away. This happens dozens of times per second. I have over 100mps down and over 50 up, 1080ti and a 8700k processor so please don't say it's my computer or internet. My friend and I attempted to playthrough a few months ago and this is what caused us to quit and months later even after the official 1.0 launch this exact issue on the same planet despite terrain 2.0 still exists. Why?
  2. 13 in-game hours, and all the work that goes with it down the drain because I fell through the world. I could recover, sure - with a lot of hard work (Was riding my large rover coming back from a huge haul) But I shouldn't have to. Why does this happen and why isn't there a hotfix for it like a week ago? Game is literally unplayable in this state. People use that phrase too much and I myself make fun of people that do, but for fear of actually truly legitimately literally losing everything I just spent hours doing, I cannot play. Definition of unplayable.