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  1. Nevermind. I just found out theres a new thing called the oxygenator Oof!
  2. So i am an xbox one player using my controller and when i placed down a tether, it would not connect/start my oxygen line. Any help?
  3. Hey i was wondering if i could get some help and if anyone can list All ores in the game in a reply (if possible in alphabetical order) please and thanks as i am using it for some information i am recording in my journal.
  4. @Chepelink it's been said that it's for 'exploring'. well, fine, but exploring suggests you are looking for something. if you find a cache of resin or compound, you cant bring it back to base. if you find a wrecked vessel with a seat or even a techno-research pod (valuable!) you cant bring it back to base. you could tag it with a beacon, but you could have traveled a considerable distance from home, and the beacon might not be visible from anywhere near your base. so tying them up together becomes a logistical puzzle. for if you find research objects and fragments for vehicles you can balance it on the driver seat and drive slow to your base (at least that what i do)
  5. I would like to have a mode on astroneer with level difficulty for Example: the classic Easy, Normal, Hard. But what im thinking is like a menu in the pause section to Enable/Disable the storm as it can get very annoying at the start of the game when all your ores get thrown away so maybe modes like this: Safe, Easy, Normal, Hard. (safe can be no storm but still the full game)