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  1. Lemon

    Should Lunar Slide dance be remove ?

    great... they are here...
  2. Lemon

    Screenshots Megathread

    Pretty neat cave
  3. can't blow it up, but you can cut it in half
  4. Lemon

    Nature's call

    its blue... see a doctor.
  5. Lemon

    what should I build next

    i've done something similar a while ago in this thread
  6. Lemon

    what should I build next

    yarp. got a platform full of all gasses.
  7. Lemon

    A little September challenge

    whats the prize?
  8. Lemon

    Unused Resources

    kinda want to see the "Big daddy" suit lol
  9. Lemon

    I dont know HOW this is possible

    game is still in Alpha... glitches are expected. and even after release. Its impossible to think every possible action combination thru in such a short development term.
  10. So i've gathered some resources and I wonder what I should build next... A condenser or maybe a medium rover so I can gather some more resources?
  11. Lemon

    Unused Resources

    a few of those are laready in use. "crane, drill"... Some sound like object names. But overall, that seems like a lot of possibilities.
  12. i feel like this should have been a common sense; like don't stick your tick in a light socket...
  13. Lemon

    Noob in Need

    As for the terrain tool issue. In order to build up terrain, you need to have some in your inventory to spend. You need a canister which is printable from your backpack. If you use your terrain tool to dig and you have a canister in inventory, the dirt you dig away will collect inside the canister. Which you can then expel and build up a wall or whatever. Big red X means you don't have any dirt in your inventory.
  14. Lemon

    Friends!!?? Who needs those!!

    its still possible to get out. I accidentally got stuck on irradiated with a busted thruster, no backup and no resources. Took me a while, but eventually i found what i needed to build up a smelter and a few platforms. Just gotta look around. If the game wasn't challenging, it wouldn't be fun.
  15. Lemon

    splitting Barren in half

    I just dug a spiral back to the surface