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  1. I basically loaded a large rover with a drill3 and a paver with 2 canisters and just went straight around and around the planet, digging into it on every pass. That kept my canisters full to make a roadway thru caverns and such. Its easy to start. just get your rover ready, then pick a direction and go straight, thats it. it was kinda boring, but if you're watching a show in the background, its not as bad. It took about 5 hours... A track around the core would be problematic. Gravity is all kinds of wonky and traction is an issue.
  2. So I've done this once before manually in pre launch, now I did it again with the aid of a paver. I have split Desolo in half. Here is a video of me taking the plunge down to the core And the proof that its all the way around
  3. Just want to share my setup for activating gates. It requires a large shuttle and a large rover. I've activated all the gateways using this rig. The beauty of it, is that you only need 1 packager to pack it up into the shuttle and go to another planet. Full contents: 1x large rover, 1x large silo storage, 6x medium storage pads filled with small batteries, 2x medium canisters, 1x paver, 1x lvl3 drill, 1x RTG, 1 rover seat. once done activating all gates, stick the paver, drill and the seat onto 3 empty slots on the large silo storage, package the rover, stick em on the shuttle and move on.
  4. So there I am on Atrox, dragging my large shuttle to a gateway, loaded with 5 rovers, all the resources to unlock all gateways, 4 storages filled with batteries, drill, RTG and enough hydrazene to fly anywhere... Then some piece of SH*T flower spits and blows up my shuttle with everything on it and respawns me back on Sylva... FML.
  5. right... because emailing the developer always gets an answer...
  6. After starting astroneer today I got an error message saying its already running (which it wasn't). I restarted steam and started the game. Upon loading the latest save, which was from the day prior, I found all my unlocked items are now locked and I am reset to default skin. Achievement list is still current, but unlocks are reset. What do I do?
  7. i've done something similar a while ago in this thread
  8. yarp. got a platform full of all gasses.
  9. kinda want to see the "Big daddy" suit lol
  10. game is still in Alpha... glitches are expected. and even after release. Its impossible to think every possible action combination thru in such a short development term.