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  1. Same for Sputnik on atrox, did the same thing the original poster tried but didn't unlocked wanderer green.
  2. Arkane Wisdom

    Flying rover

    Ok heres what happened. I was building rovers for a mobile base and moving them with a winch to save on power. One of the rovers got a bit squirrely while i was pulling it, so i tried to drop the winch but the rover moved right under the cursor and i ended up attaching the winch to the top of the rover. After that happened the rover went soaring off into the atmosphere.
  3. Arkane Wisdom

    Gravimetric gear

    This is a thought I have had a few times. In a nut shell this would be tech that you can toggle on and off but would allow you to literally walk and drive up walls or even upsidedown with a constant energy drain while on. This first entered my mind the first time I tried to dig though a planet to make an "expressway" between my first base and a second base, my first attempt was to steep for any vehicle to traverse, but I was new then, the second time was when I was building a "core base" I got stuck floating in air. The reason for this tech is mainly to stick to the ground in any situation, but could be used by those more creative than myself to build 3D Rover race courses and such. The way that could visibility show that your grav tech is on other than battery drain is the ground beneath your astronaut would glow blue and the treads of the vehicle would light up with blue Tron like lines following the treads. The research cost in game should be fairly high say 10,000 bytes for the boots and 20,000 for wheels so that this tech isn't common in early gameplay.
  4. The question is in the title, but this has been bugging me for a bit and kind of keeping me away from making a mobile base. If I die while at a mobile base does it respawn me at the last habitat/shuttle that I climbed out of? Or does it drop me off at the mobile base? The biggest thing is the amount of resources it takes to build said base and my fear is I'll be on the other side of the planet and have an accident (storm, fall, toxic plant take your pick) and the game would send me back to the the opposite side of the planet.
  5. Arkane Wisdom

    The Rover Update - May 8th, 2018

    Haven't played this in a few months but I have a slight gripe with the newish Rover update, while I agree that they had an overly big battery per car and that needed to be tweaked, but the power constantly drain from just turning the steering wheel is a bit overkill. I understand that it needs power to turn the wheels when your turning but the continued draw after the wheels are fully rotated it too much. Other than that the rovers are about perfect.