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  1. OO yes this. This would make the process much more streamlined. +1
  2. I am loving these new medium soil canisters but I do have 1 suggestion. Please add the nice radial fill level indicator on the top like the medium soil canister has. I like the green 'full' indicator, but it would make things so much easier if I could see at a glance how much I had of something. I like the side gauges, but more often than not I have them next to each other which blocks the side gauges unless I zoom in and have that perfect angle. I think it would also mesh well with the other level indicators from the other canister types. Image 1 illustrates the suggestion, image 2 shows the gauge blockage. I feel like this addition would make the resource canisters even more amazing than they already are.
  3. Yes! Or even attach a text tag maybe if you hover over the beacon with your cursor? I would never have to remember which blue beacon was it? +1
  4. For Sure! That would just add to the automation aspect. Imagine plopping a full medium canister of soil on a dedicated soil centrifuge making said item being moved to a resource canister. I would use the heck out of that. +1
  5. I want this so bad! I even wrote an autohotkey script to do this for me based on time while sprinting. Worked ok but if I started sliding too fast they would be too far apart.
  6. O yea that would be awesome. Would love to see this added.
  7. Yes this! Come back expecting something to be done but it never really started.
  8. Yes this! I was just going to come suggest this same thing. It would be wonderful to not have to leave 1 resource in the canister to keep it configured.
  9. I agree 1000% with this post. Should just be able to hold F just like you toggle machines on and off to toggle the medium storage from flat to upright.
  10. Summary: - Steam - Alignment Mod Alters Starting Platform Description: If you click on the starting platform in wall mode of the alignment mod, it makes a lump in the black rock your hab spawns on that is not normally mineable. You are unable to fix it afterwards. Also I was using it to flatten the surrounding area and it made a stair step pattern in the black rock as well which I am now unable to repair. form: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 7 x64 CPU: Intel i7 3770K 3.5GHz GPU: Nvidea GeForce GTX 1060 6GB on board ram RAM: 8GB DDR3 Drive: Samsung 850 250GB
  11. I actually wrote an Autohotkey script to auto place tethers while sprinting. It is great. Msg me if anyone wants the code. I also made a post about this.
  12. Hello everyone, I read somewhere a while back someone asking to be able to hold t to keep placing tethers at the max length. I would love for this to be implemented but until that happens I made an Autohotkey Script to do just that. For anyone not familiar with AutoHotkey it is a macro making software. For the script to work you would need to install AutoHotkey from https://autohotkey.com/ and then open the script. All it does is when you are holding shift to sprint and T to place tethers it places one every 1800ms which is pretty much the max length. Also if you have turned Hold to Sprint off you can delete the + in the file to only hold T without the sprint key. If anyone uses and understands Autohotkey scripting here is the contents of the file. /* By y2clay14 If using the "Hold to Sprint" option (Default) than use this as is. If you turned off "Hold to Sprint" than remove the + so it will work without having to hold Shift. It should read ~t:: after removing the +. */ ~+t:: Sleep, 1800 ; Wait 1800ms since a tether was just placed when you pressed "t". while GetKeyState("t",P) ; Check if "t" is still being held down. { Send, t Sleep, 1800 } Return Hope this helps people, I have been using it for about 3 hours now and so far so good. tethers.ahk
  13. I have a minor annoyance than I think could be easily addressed (I think). When you backpack is stuffed and you have to unload your items one at a time. I noticed the backpack has the same amount of slots as a medium storage, so why no just be able to pop off the one on your back and put on an empty one? That way you could essentially put your backpack on a table/large storage. It would also allow you to create load outs. like one for mining with extra tethers and one for exploring with extra beacons. That kind of thing.
  14. I second the switch seat feature. would be great. too many times have I gotten out of the crane only to fall in the hole I just dug...