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  1. Serlo

    Found a working Thruster.

    Yep thats the one 8D
  2. Serlo

    New Update Mulitplayer problem

    I've seen people streaming multiplayer on the steam version. So perhaps verifying cache or reinstalling would help?
  3. Serlo

    Storm Blocks Target/Hone-in on Position

    Yeah I thought they were great before. Now it's hunter-seeker debris. I'd like to see it revert, its was plenty deadly before, but now it's just silly.
  4. Summary: Dynamite on platform disable future node extension Description: Cannot extend node from where a destroyed platform was attached. It doesn't even highlight for extension. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0.3.10153.0
  5. Not sure if the new research is bugged or what. Starting off we can only make the research and the smelter. So, I have been researching everything I can from (with every variety) for two hours... and still no printer or vehicle bay. Unfortunately I have only found one wreck with that type of research. I have ran very far in all direction searching for more, in hopes that that type of research will give me a vehicle bay at least so I dont have to run everywhere and SLOWLY run back for 10-15 minutes caring research items. Anyone else having this problem? Let me know if I am missing something. Cheers! PS: This is a new save file.
  6. Serlo

    Found a working Thruster.

    Its really weak. It moves the truck at perhaps walking speed on its down for like 5 seconds (once the single hydrozine runs out). Not sure what else to try.
  7. Serlo

    Found a working Thruster.

    It barely can move the truck and cant attach to the rover. So no go 8(
  8. Serlo

    Found a working Thruster. So it does attach to the truck, and it does work if you put in hyrdrozine and jump in. But the thrust is so weak that it barely moves the truck 8( maybe with four players all popping in the hydrozine at the same time would give it some momentum? Ah well! Worth a shot.
  9. Serlo

    Found a working Thruster.

    Oh man going to try this right now. Didnt think of it. Will report back.
  10. Serlo


    I can confirm this is the case. You can only drill these types of deposits.
  11. So this thruster, actually works, but not really usable that I can figure. Plugging a hydrozine into it sends it shooting up into the air before it eventually falls back down. I guess I could attach at chair to it and shoot people up? lol
  12. Serlo

    Suspect object!

    Just a marble/beach ball to kick around. Based on a video one of the devs but up on Twitter a few months ago.
  13. Serlo

    I'm confused about the drill bit.

    Not at the moment really.
  14. Serlo

    IDEA: Better use for crane

    The crane primary use is too to mine titanium and lithium that your tool cannot extract. But yeah it would be nice if it had some other uses too.
  15. Serlo

    Idea - printable landing pads

    +1 this is needed