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  1. You can download it from Microsoft: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145 Also, if you delete and game and reinstall it, it'll probably fix it. - g
  2. If you use a cloud backup service like Dropbox or similar, then there's a reasonably easy way without having to copy and move files around. Basically, you have to store your save games in the directory that's watched by the backup service so they are always synced up. So, for Dropbox that's "Dropbox" by default, for OneDrive it's "OneDrive", etc., and those directories (again, by default) are under your home directory. Here's the actual way: (Make sure the game is not running.) Move the save game folder ("Astro" and everything inside it) to your cloud backup folder somewhere.
  3. Thw0rted, I wanted to say something so you don't feel so alone about this one. You are right, this is not great design. To allow myself some self-indulgence: I'd say that writing server applications for Windows is "not great design" to begin with, except in narrow cases that are tightly coupled with other Windows-specific technologies (.NET, etc.) but, to use one of my most hated expressions, that's neither here nor there. You mentioned sending the server a SIGHUP but surprise, surprise, Windows is not a POSIX-compliant OS so there's actually no "good" or "proper" way to do something like
  4. I want to add my ¢2 here. I've been playing for a long time and yes, I agree, the Alignment Mod is confusing (broken is probably a better term) as heck. As it is, it's really no better, and sometimes worse, than the regular Flatten/Level mode of the Terrain Tool. What makes this even more infuriating is that the developers actually made the regular Flatten/Level mode work pretty well, and now you can get a rather satisfactory degree of levelness... with some work. The Alignment Mod should be a step forward in the quality and ease of this process so that the player can spend more time on o
  5. Yes, I have some neat ideas about two- or three-story bases, or at least platforms if you're outside, flat walls and ceilings, maybe a vehicle bay or launch pad that's on the roof, etc. It would open a lot of basebuilding possibilities. - g
  6. As the title suggests, the game will not say anything if the save directory is not writeable, and happily pretend it's saving the game when, in reality, data is going to la-la land. The reason this came about is because I used to have my save directory in my Dropbox folder, and I had a soft link to it from where it usually resides, so my saves were synced between computers. Then I switched from Dropbox to Sync, forgot to update my link, and started a new game, and every time a save was triggered, the game displayed the usual "GAME SAVED" screen, etc., and never said anything about a probl
  7. This would be amazing for eking out more research bytes from the little Research Samples that grow on things. They give more bytes (3x) when researched in a chamber, fit in a Tier 1 slot, and right now are not really worth carrying back to base. But if the Research Chamber worked as proposed, one could conceivably bring a Medium Storage or two filled with them and plop it down and let the chamber do the work. - g
  8. Yah, I did play back then, and I know True Flat was a side effect of how terrain was implemented. I guess my post ended up having a slightly different tone than how it sounded in my head. I love the new terrain, and I am very glad things are the way they are, overall. I will take the terrain as it is today, with missing True Flat, than go back to the way it was and suffer all the other issues (and a big one was the way the Terrain Tool just broke on other planets, and making things flat over there was nigh impossible anyway). My intention wasn't to be critical, and I have to admit—I
  9. I just want to add something that may get missed in the back-and-forth on True Flat (by both sides). For many of us, True Flat was more than a caprice—it was something that added another dimension to the game. That dimension is base design. Right now, limited by the best we can do with the tool mods, we do more base arranging, because it's difficult to execute your vision when the mechanism is not there. With True Flat, another aspect of creativity is unlocked, and that is the part where all of a sudden designing your base to your exact liking becomes a possibility. Slopes, ramps, ti
  10. 0.7.0 - Steam - Crash when exiting to Main Menu I'm experiencing the same issue as the above posters. The music stops, the game hangs, and it doesn't seem to consume any notable CPU cycles (0.1%), and neither is the memory usage going up. This is a clean install of Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (from a few days ago), version 1803, build 17134.48. CPU is Core i7-4770K, 16 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 780 Ti (driver version 397.64). This was a clean install, and I reinstalled my Steam library too, on a reformatted hard drive. Let me know if I can provide more information. - g