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    Add a prefab system already.

    I'll just add rover hangar doors, and an elevator system to the ideas list (seriously are ramps the best exo dynamics could come up with?) Can't you just make roads with the allignment mod on your terrain tool? Seems a bit excessive to have to print out ones specially.
  2. Bobble68

    Vehicle idea: exoskeleton "M.U.L.E."

    I like the idea for this, but I feel that the leg mechanics are too complex, most of Astroneers gameplay is fairly self explanitary. Also it could lift vehicles too, which players can't do! What if the right arm just has a drill slot, which you could replace with other things like a shredder or winch?
  3. Bobble68

    Mobile Tethers in Backpack

    The idea's mainly about players sharing their oxygen, currantly the only way you can donate oxygen to a dying player is by passing them an oxygen tank.
  4. Bobble68

    More Mods (the terrain tool kind)

    Personally, I think it would be cool to have some kind of damage and repair system. The issue with repairing debris is that the world litterally filled with broken rovers, so repairing them would remove the need for researching them. Maybe vechicles that you make can have different parts break which you can replace by finding ones off debris or with a small printer, like maybe the batteries could smash and you have to makes some new ones, or wheels that explode. They removed the storm system, and I think it will come back, so maybe something similar might be added.
  5. This may be a bit of an odd suggestion, but I thought that placing a single tether on your backpack should allow you to work as a 'mobile tether' This seems useless at first, but it could have many uses: 1: Player with many oxygen tanks or filters can save a suffocating astroneer 2: For long expeditions, if two players can tether each other, their oxygen and power will be shared (it would divide power and oxygen equally) 3: Allows a second player to walk slightly further away from a tether line when another player is connected 4: Stops people in a group getting lost so easily in caves, thanks to a big blue line connecting them 5: When mining, someone could act as a 'power generator', one person collecting the reources while the other is full of power modules 6: Small source of light (less than worklight) I don't know if this is a good idea or not, just wanted the idea to be out there.
  6. Bobble68

    Items in backpack disapear when in tractor

    That makes sense as you can't see the items in normal rover seats. Still, should still be fixed for the tractor though.
  7. Running windows 10 on steam singleplayer, item nuggets in backpack (not top slots, didn't see tool) turn invisible when riding a tractor (maybe other vechiels), but do come back when leaving it. Just a visual glitch.
  8. Bobble68

    Struggling with Alignment Augment

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that what the allignment mod does? Allign it with vertcile up and down?
  9. I've been trying to play the game and do general Astroneer stuff, but my game stopped being able to load. After selecting the game and starting loading, it would freeze and eventually crash. I started a new world and at first it worked, but after a while it too came to the same fate. If you know a way to fix this or stop it from happening if the game files can't be fixed, please let me know!
  10. Trade Platform on Rover Will not land properly when you move it. I am using steam, windows 10, keyboard and mouse. However, this may be a problem on all platforms