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  1. juz4kix

    Hover vehicles

    Falling into the caves is part of the rush factor. We need some risk (besides not hearing or seeing the O2 warnings) 😰
  2. juz4kix

    New vehicles

    I am not too concerned about flying but it would at least give a use for the boosters.
  3. juz4kix

    Basket for smaller Salvage

    Once you unpack any of the larger modules on a Rover, you can't remove them.
  4. juz4kix

    New vehicles

    A power cell will power the thing for a long time.
  5. juz4kix

    Basket for smaller Salvage

    Something tells me that the scrapper is going to be more mobile than base oriented.
  6. In the world today, wind turbines lock in a storm. If you let them go wild the ends go so fast the will rip the whole thing apart. Sorry to inject reality into the fantasy. 😋
  7. juz4kix

    Shredder review

    So, are you saying I should start stockpiling scrap? Probably no as I will have to start over anyway.
  8. juz4kix


    Some people are reporting that if you put a vehicle bay it will not print. But you can land a shuttle at the bay.
  9. It. Ould go the other way and extract only 1 or 2 of the resource. If I only need 2 compound I don't want to have to use half an tank of soil and have to store extra resources.
  10. juz4kix

    Cannot grab/select debris for the Shredder

    Ditto for me. I have the pleasure of starting a new save too. We are play testing so we can't be upset.
  11. juz4kix - Steam - Weird Visual Bug

    Has your Astroneer been drinking that Hydrazine? That stuff will mess you up?😁
  12. juz4kix

    switch for the storage

    This would be cool if you could teather say a Large D with Med Storage to the smelter or Mineral Extractor.
  13. juz4kix

    Redesign Research Catalog

    I like it. Very clear and I could see if I have the resources available to build the thing.