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  1. I had saved and quit the game after playing for a while. When I came back to the save, all the trees looked "burnt" and I didn't think much of it (probably just too far to render textures). Then I got closer and realized that the textures weren't loading even after a few hours.
  2. As I was going around, I noticed that the different chunks wouldn't mesh together every now and then.
  3. I went exploring in my large rover until I got lost (Accident). Then, as I was driving around for a while, my rover falls though the ground and gets stuck like in the image.
  4. Hydra Slayer

    Bug Found!

    I found another bug when I was messing around. I was flattening the ground for my vehicle bay when the ground started to eat me and I couldn't get out.
  5. Hydra Slayer

    Bug Found!

    https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/928184509352302070/1D657C7DFFA6E733BE2F0559C41427851352E54D/ I noticed that while I was playing, different chunks would undo themselves. Don't worry, the link is just a screenshot.
  6. Hydra Slayer

    Some Ideas and tweeks

    Maybe make it so the rovers can turn better. I had some problems with this because I had to make a bigger turn on a path so i could turn. Make it to were the rover batteries don't deplete NEARLY as fast as they do now. Also so that battery charge doesn't deplete just from me moving the tires. I made a vehicle path from my original base to a mountain base and it died while i was going up. (Just a slight thing) Make it so that the rover has like a parking brake if it dies. Make it were if you place a new habitat that it will spawn a building similar to the original base and the ground becomes un-mine-able underneath it. Maybe make it so that you can disassemble a building or vehicle (if you mess it up or don't want it anymore) and maybe get half of the materials used to make it. For example: Building costs 2 resin = you get 1 resin. Building costs 2 compound and 2 aluminum = you get 1 compound and 1 aluminum. This is all for now.