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  1. ooooh ok, i wish it could be permanent?
  2. the other day i was playing Astroneer and all the tethers were RAINBOW and it was incredible, can this be a permanent feature?
  3. ok thank you guys i think i will make a new place, there wasn't any tress around so it would be hard to find unknowns so i will ditch that world
  4. i am bobbing up and down i a newly made world i can see caves and ores underground and if i go to the edge i get stuck in it through my waist
  5. it was a large rover and i am on steam
  6. Yes i have had this bobbing effect too where i could go under my base and bob up the other side
  7. my research console has no icons and no changing animation the only thing i can see is the words changing
  8. I think I ran over a rock but the rover tilted down and went straight into the earth then it stopped in the middle after a while and I jumped out and floated to the surface where I got shot into the sky and died. i ended up deleting that world bc i had everything on those rovers