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  1. I am experiencing constant crashing on XB1 after the latest Groundwork update. When using a large rover with a drill and paver combo, hardly any mining progress can be made (on any planet) before the game freezes then crashes going back to the Xbox home panel. Presume updates are tested prior to release (I know you won’t catch every bug) but this bug is destroying my enjoyment and I hope that you can look into this and patch it asap.
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    1.6.49 - Xbox One - Crashes Midgame and on Save

    I am experiencing the same on XB1. Also, the digger/paver combo on a large rover Is crashing it constantly, struggling to make any mining progress. What’s the point in having these things available if they’ve not been tested for crashing!!!
  3. Xbox One (not S or X) V After recently updating to version and running my one and only saved game file, the game graphics are running at what can only be described as a low frame rate. My 'Astroneer' appears to be walking and running at a much slower pace and all other graphics, including vehicle movements are also at a reduced and 'laggy' frame rate. As an experiment I decided to start a new game file and hey presto, that runs at the expected 'regular' game speed. I went back to my original game save and it is still running slow. I also tried uninstalling Astroneer completely and reinstalling but to no avail. I can only think that the update must have done something to my save file, and while I do enjoy this game, i'd rather not have to start from the beginning!!!!! Is there a fix or a patch for this?