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    Teleporter - Full Description.

    Litteraly never seen this but glad people have similar ideas, increases the chance for the system to be implemented. The teleporter i talked about is endgame. Its Litterally tagged as end game the teleporter is a quality of life improvement so the player who has invested the 20k bytes to research the tech can move around their save quickly. Again its an end goal not so much a replacement for the MUCH cheaper transports. Also you're gonna need iron which currently is only found on the outer planets the idea that it replaces other vehicles is plain wrong as its a Personnel transporter so you take whats on your person. The large haul of items requires a shuttle and the creation of a base and the resource gathering is still gonna require the small medium and large rover. Its a module for late game freedom of movement. Its kinda expensive as it is anyways and bearing in mind the capacitor and core etc need to be researched it can be forced into being a late game thing easily.
  2. Risky.

    Teleporter - Full Description.

    I did want a player only transport system where its a fast way to get between your bases. And its so expensive that you need to have invested a lot of time to obtain one nevermind 2. Generally just intended to get the player places on quickly with no storage aside from your back pack. Basically the same as the small rover in functionality but harder to obtain and could be considered an "end goal" to work towards.
  3. Idea for a "Personnel Teleporter" in Astroneer. The Personnel Teleporter is a deployable module simular to a Habitat. Allows instant-ish travel between planets providing the player provides enough energy to transport the player Crafting: Using Astronium and iron that are currently useless "aside from research" copper and titanium. Made in an advanced crafting module/printer using 2 astronium 1 titanium and 1 lithium the player can make a sort of teleporter core that is required to make the teleporter. using 4 iron the teleporter frame can be made. using 1 copper and 1 lithium a Large capacitor can be made. Large Capacitor allows for the instant discharge of energy needed to power the core and send the player to another planet/location placing the core and capacitor into the frame (the frame can be an inbetween size of the starting "homebase" and the habitats) allows for the module to be charged. Similar to the research chamber the amount of "energy units" put into the module the faster it does stuff. Teleporter frame could have room for more than one Capacitor allowing for further traveling distance from planet to planet rarther than from location to location on a planet. Advanced crafting module allows for different combinations of items to be made into something new. Read on the road map that crafting will be revisited. so this could be a way to change it up. my initial idea for the frame was that it would be made COMPLETELY inside the Advanced crafting ie so you could make 2 fly to the desired planet unpack the lot and it would be ready. however it makes the process hassle free and to recive such a QOL improvement should require some effort. mechanics; the Charge inside the capacitor works in similar ways to a shuttle. aside from the fact it is ALL used regardless of the distance traveled. the same menu is used to teleport to and fro places on a planet with the major difference that you can only teleport between Teleporters. So this means you will have had to go there before with the shuttle to make a base and a teleporter frame etc. (a teleporter frame DOESNT need energy to recive an incoming player only to send one. however the Teleporter core is required to do both.) in order to charge the capacitors they simply need to be placed onto a platform. (to make the capacitor a pain in the butt you could cause it to kill the player if placed in the inventory and it discharges if its left to long.) capacitor can be charged inside teleporter frame and doesnt discharge. holding E allows the player to climb in. holding Q when inside or out allows for the Planet/Location target to be set. then the Teleporter sends the player to the selected location after a 3 second Energizing sequence in which the player can cancel the teleport. The general thought behind using Astronium and Iron is that its going to require alot of Exploration (deep for astronium and distant planets for Iron ore.) i haven't put much thought into the Graphical Design or anything as i dont consider myself talented enough, however if someone sees this and likes it and also happens to be Artistically competent please make some graphics and post them or something.