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    Stuck on barren without any resources

    I cant print a platform on the small shuttle
  2. Hi I made a shuttle and made a thruster and went to barren without any resources and i cant get back to the home planet. the thruster says USED SOLID-FUEL THRUSTER can you please help me get back to home base
  3. Xbox and Windows 10 cross play not working. when i invite a windows 10 player from the xbox they load but they just go to the big spaceship where it says create a new world. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP
  4. Hi I would like to report a bug. I have just brought the game on xbox, I am enjoying the game but I have experienced a bug. when i die and respawn for the first time and land on the platform and walk around it makes a weird noise around the habitat like a space shop noise and it lasted stayed for ever. Can you please help me