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    Extenders not working. Pls help

    Ahhhh so that's how it's done now. Ok one pricker solved, thank you. Now I need to find copper. Beginning to think it isn't any on this planet anymore.
  2. Candor

    Extenders not working. Pls help

    THANK YOU. I thought I was the only one having this issue. I was here to report this bug but apparently I am not the only one. I also have extenders that will not work. I guess I will have to find an alternative way to power my base in certain locations until this bug is fixed. I am on the PC Steam version. BTW, anyone else having trouble finding copper? I have been playing for 3 days now and have found exactly 0 copper. I haven't even been able to find any in the crashed ships I come across. I am also having trouble finding decent deposits of aluminium. I have literally TONS of compound, resin and zinc deposits and a smidgen of clay. Other than that I can't find any other resources.
  3. Candor

    Is it just me???

    Well only a few more months away to find out, from what I have heard. Candor
  4. Candor

    Is it just me???

    Ok, is it just me or does the new update feel like a waste of time and resources? I get and understand the idea to have to go to other planets to gather resources, and for the most part I like that idea. The problem stems from the fact there are now SO many resources needed that it takes literally forever to get enough resources gathered. Copper and iron, for instance, seem to be like luxury items now. Power generation is a pain. Going to other planets now requires me to waste more resources than I can gather to make it worth while. I find myself running around more often than not, using tons of tethers (goodbye compound) to gather the basics such as resin. So I am forced to build a build a vehicle bay, which now requires me to gather resources that I was currently hunting for other projects. 3 resin for a platform of any decent size? Iron for the more advanced platforms? I can't seem to find enough of these items to get what I need. The trading platform only uses scrap?? Bad idea in my opinion. I guess what I really am trying to say is that while I like the idea and way the game is headed it just seems WAY too unbalanced. I feel more like they are trying to push out newer content rather than fixing problems that still exist from earlier versions. The large rover for example. That thing INHALES power. I spend more time trying to keep that damn thing powered than I do exploring sometimes. What good does a large rover do us if I have to take up 2 slots for a seat, 2 slots for a large solar panel that is barely enough to power the rover let alone a large scrapper, which takes up another 2 slots, which I need to get resources on some planets that don't have certain materials? So basically I need to build a train of these things, which wastes MORE power, MORE resources that are already hard to get in some instances. And seriously... BRAKES!!!! how about some damn brakes on these rovers? Why is it when I get out of a rover a storm wont budge the damn thing but as soon as I enter it moves all over the damn place. Going down a steep hill is almost neigh on impossible to stop by reversing direction. Tethers still float mysteriously in the air when dropped, there is no mapping function yet. Again, I really like the game, but I find myself being drawn to it less and less now. I can't seem to play for any length of time since it just seems I am just spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere. Anyone else out there feel this way or am I just being over objective to how the game is progressing. Candor
  5. I've thought that perhaps turning the medium rover into a literal pickup truck style so you can just throw salvage and other items into it and drive it back to base. A lot of times I find salvage way deep underground and it's a pain to drive a large rover, let alone several of them attached, into some of these harder to reach areas. And since the large rover uses SO MUCH POWER, and couple that with the power needed for a scraper, it makes more sense to bring it all back to base. Candor
  6. Candor

    Cannot grab/select debris for the Shredder

    I am having a similar issue with my PC game. I have several items near my base that are all marked for salvage, such as a small platform with a broken solar panel attached. I can not remove the panel from the platform to be able to shred it. I also have a broken buggy near my base that originally allowed me to pick the seat off of it. But I re-attached it since I didn't have a shredder at that time and now I can not remove the seat to shred that either.. I just found an abandoned base, complete with large round landing pad, but I can't seem to remove most of the parts that are marked as salvage.
  7. I tried to look to see if someone posted a bug about this but I haven't seen one. I am currently on Arid ( I believe since there are no more planet names, the one with the floating spiky balls of death) and I created a base. I have a vehicle bay that is powered, along with a fully functional base. Problem is, once I leave the planet and want to come back, I can't find my landing site. It doesn't show any icons for my base. I have to try and GUESS where I landed last time and hope I am correct. I waited for the planet to make 2 full rotations, by my calculations, and I saw nothing telling me where I was to land again. I did manage to find it again by trial and error. I am playing on a PC through Steam Candor
  8. Candor

    Disappearing Vehicles

    I had an issue like the before the 8.0 update. At random points the ground just seems to turn into water and both myself and my rovers just fell through. While I was able to float and bob around the vehicles just sank into the planet and disappeared. It seemed to happen more often on terrain that I had modified with the terrain tool. I was usually able to dig down a ways and retrieve the buggy. However, if the terrain had not been modified and turned into water, like it did while I was driving along one time, the entire buggy would simply drop to the center of the planet along with you in it. Once exiting the vehicle you were randomly shot through the planet onto the surface only to be stranded not knowing which way was home. Or being put into a deep cavern with not visible way out.. Lost a few save games that way.. I started saving my saved games as backup just in case. So far I have not encountered this bug in the 8.0 version so I don't know if this related to your problem or not but it sounds rather similar. Candor
  9. Phew.. I thought I was the only one that had this bug ? Glad to know I am not as crazy as I thought.... YES YOU ARE!..... NO I'M NOT.... WHO SAID THAT? Candor
  10. Those look like you took my screen shots from my last game a few days ago ? I had this exact thing happen to me. Was forced to eject from the rover causing me to randomly appear in a cave. I decided to let myself be killed by a spike plant since I would have suffocated eventually and I didn't need to wait as long.
  11. Candor


    I had a similar issue while on Exotic. In fact almost everything was flying (med storage loaded with resources and pretty much anything that wasn't nailed to the ground). To be honest, it was a saved game before the 7.0 update. I have since started a new game and when I have enough resources I will attempt to go back to Exotic and see if the same thing happens.