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  1. Hé, wat if there were to be an update that makes it so that you need to eat and drink, i think this would give more of a challenge to the game and make it more exiting. + then to get water there would need to be water, so then you would need to have a ocean / lake! And how about some vegetable / fruit farms and living creatures (NO PLANTS, BUT LIVING, BREATHING CREATURES.) And to bring water to your base how about a pipe (like a oxygen line but then bigger.) going in to the ocean / lake. To bring food to your base you would need to have a creature farm, and after you have build that you would
  2. The first glitch only happens when i log into the game or die and respawn
  3. My car (medium) keeps going trough the ground, i sept out of the little rover and somehow died!? O... and when i sometimes get out of my car when i try to get it out of the cave (because of the first glitch) i teleport to the surface!
  4. I'll keep an eye on it, tanks
  5. Hé, it's me, a fan, how about there comes a machine that (example:) turns extenders into i'ts original form... copper! This way if somone were to create somting accidentally, they can turn it back!