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  1. Please fix this: After modifying terrain when passing over with the tractor, if I park it in modified terrain it sinks into the ground and disappears. I have already lost 2 tractors and 6 trailers. In addition to losing the oxygen supply, I died and I lost all the items I had in my backpack and in the trailers.
  2. Yes, it has worked for me. I have created a fresh installation and a new save game to start from 0. Now it works much better (although it's not perfect), but you could play. It is also true that I still do not have many elements investigated. When my base grows, we'll see what happens ...
  3. Thanks! I'm going to do a fresh installation and create a new save game, and I see what happens...
  4. And the performance on xbox? It continues running at 10 fps and is unplayable. I do not know if one day you can play decently in this generation of Xbox. Personally I do not think so ...
  5. I am COMPLETELY in agreement with you, word for word. I think exactly the same, and I've also been playing since the first versions. I also believe that it is not a problem that can be solved with patches. It is a problem of the core of the game and performance. On PC, I've seen videos and it works VERY fluid, but on Xbox it looks like a completely different game. It is a game that I loved since I saw it, but today I can not recommend anyone to buy it on Xbox. It is sad because the idea is very good, but it is clear that they are putting their efforts on PC and not on Xbox. A pity ... hopef
  6. It has also happened to me, with the new game that I created with version it's a shame because the location where the capsule fell I like it and I do not want to create a new game ?I hope you can fix it soon.regards
  7. Hello, I have noticed in this version (but appeared in previous versions), a problem of pixelation (moaré) in all areas of the game where there are shadows. (see attached images at 100%). I think it only happens on Xbox (my model is Xbox One S, not the X), because I've seen videos of the PC version and it does not happen. I hope you can solve it because it is very annoying especially when the camera is very close. Thank you!! regards
  8. Thank you! It is true! I had not seen that part of the notes. regards
  9. Hello, Why do these pixel errors happen? (see pictures) I use an Xbox One S (NOT X model) and before this did not happen. I use an Asus VG245 FullHD 1080p monitor, with HDMI connection. Any ideas? Thank you