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  1. this is a steam version of astroneer. when i loaded in my saved game my large rovers were gone. i could not fine them any where on the surface. i did finally find them in a cave under my base, which was right below were i left them on the surface. also i have had times where i would print the medium storage and if i open it on the ground it drops into the ground and i would later find it in caves.
  2. i have been doing a little research. they say that the seat does not work through the large storage. im going to try a large storage on half and see if that works. they are also saying that if you put a large storage on a vehicle your power such as large solar or wind doesn't work through the storage. i think this needs to be fixed. this is really stupid if that is what they meant to do. makes vehicles worthless. all except maybe the little rover.
  3. ernest

    Launch keys with large storage module

    i am having this issue as well on the steam version. i even tried removing everything and build a new enclosed seat and it didn't work either.
  4. the large shuttle i built has two storage on top. i built a enclosed one seat and i fueled it up. i do not get the launch button up top. i took everything off and tried building a new enclosed seat and i still get the same thing. i have no option to launch the shuttle. i have played this game a lot. well over 400 hours and have built the shuttle the same way every time. i have never had this issue till now. any advise?
  5. i have had this problem as well. a friend of mine and me were both playing on different computers, and we both ran into the situation where the rovers would drop through the floor, and if you get out it throws you up through the rooof and you drop to your death. also on his game you see threw the ground and if you dug into that area you would show the trail through it.