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  1. I'd so love a toggle-able Storm option too, now that the latest patch is in and they are going to be looking into bugs they might get the time to add some features again, I miss my "Flying boxes of DOOM!" (Though a new sprite wouldn't go astray).
  2. 'ello there, Oki, first of all, I must say I am loving the new update, and the PS4 is fun to play it on too. But to the issue at hand, I have been playing on Steam with a friend and have had an odd situation occur, I have had resources (Plastic x2) vanish, The resources were on a Med. Silo too placed on a platform too so not loose., not only on my screen but hers too as if going into the void, sadly I don't record my gameplay so I cannot document this as of yet but I will have to see if I can arrange it for the future. This is just a heads up to see if anyone can look into it, it has been a minor inconvenience so far is all. Thx in advance... Kaz
  3. 'ello there, During a multiplayer session as a client, I had lost my Terrain tool (Not the mods the tool itself) Around the 26th of Sept. I couldn't open it or manipulate stuff so not just invisible. I re-logged back then and all the normal things, I have as of today returned to the same friends' file and the tool is still missing, and I was wondering if others have had this issue and apart from restarting her file over again is there a fix for it?, e.g. Somehow resetting that I had even been there?.
  4. Steam/ 8.0.0 1st: I will second that Little card removal, I would love to see an option within the menu for the UI, such as Enable/ Disable all resource info cards and other elements, Preferably in a multi checkbox format, Resource: Deposit Enable/ Disable Harvested Enable/ Disable Or at least Off/ Simple/ Advanced. For all. So you can customize the experience, I like the clean UI of this game and would like to remove the Ground cards for resources so my base can have a floor without the cards in it. Another option is maybe a Toggle button to Show/ hide them but I know that’d be harder with a controller than the KB. 2nd: I started a new game and have the same issue as Shadow Echo but loaded my old save from 7.0.0 and was able to smoothly join the ground and the initial base area.
  5. 'ello there, I have a slight issue with the rebinding of the keys for the Absolute Steering, I am not a WSAD user and rebound my movement keys to the Arrows, but the Accelerate is hardcoded to the W, please change it to rebind I am sure it was a slight oversite, keep up the awesome work.
  6. Extremely helpful thx for all the work and I'll keep an eye out for the 2 missing ones.
  7. For the 2nd question, as far as I know, there won't be one but it'd be sweet to be able to recycle the platforms or the like into the base materials even at a cost of 50% return, so if a Dev is considering some kind of material extraction device I second Reapers idea
  8. Looks like I cannot self Edit the post so here is a follow-up, the Large Rover is doing the same need to use W or S to move forward or backward in Absolute Steering mode, Yes have tried to re-rebind the keys. Side Note: Power is being used from the Battery in the Rover by just using the Turning keys without any movement, I am cool with the power usage being harsher during transit but it might not be good to be draining our batteries when no forward or backward momentum is applied.
  9. 'ello there, As a representative of the "Non-WASD" user faction I'd like to ask for the new (And very cool mind) Absolute Steering to allow (Prolly a small oversight) the rebinding of W and S to the in my and a friends case Up Arrow and Down Arrow, Yes I can use the Old set up but its old and clunky this is new and shiny!. Note: At this point I only have the Small Rover unlocked on the new save close to the Medium Rover I will edit regarding if it is limited to certain vehicles.