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  1. Why do I have problems operating the paver, it for me is unusable due elevation of planned route is lost visually alternating scanning direction. Can we have more basics, and less automated. get back to what made this game a classic. UvaluedFlyer31
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    Terrain Tool X Box One

    I have never been able to level Ground, since starting this game 2 years ago. Today my Base looks like the Beaches in a second world war movie. Is it XBox data transmission lag? I have tried different adapters on the gun, no change? I am now going to try to move my entire base to some level ground, but I wish that ERA could sort it out.
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    I have now scrapped two centrifuges in the ExTRA big Shredder and in the new one I only use one canister!
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    I also had this problem since the last update, I recall the same last year.
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    Where's the Iron!

    Where is the iron? Also why do I have to look on the internet to discover whats going on. I also having problems with freezing, Obelisk made from glass material with three power points, tried them nothing. Getting fed up. UnvaluedFlyer31
  6. I have reached a point again where I can no longer progress. Full of bytes, printer refusing to print, unable to obtain minerals without flight. And why? I recall the early games with no restrictions on minerals, or maybe i am wrong. I always seem to get to a point and loose the will to research why; because most seem to be running PC games which seem to operate in a flexable way to cheat. The xbox explanations on information are none exsitant. No information on terestial bodies, what is available on start up and what planet to fly to, and how to make an exchange device with no minerals. regards running shot again eastbourneaviation@gmail.com UnvaluedFlyer31
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    poor user information on game

    How does anything work on the backpack? I have been unable to do anything in three days. The explanation on the back button means, or fails how to mix compounds. I feel the these games form original computer modes to xbox, which I am using have user information very poor. This is not the first time with this type of platform; try groundforce! regards with problems andy: unvaluedflyer31.
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    poor user information on game

    Many thanks for this explanation on the controls; which I have just tried. Sadly it did not work for me. Maybe it's just not my game? regards unvaluedflyer31