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  1. max_lancer2018

    The Rover Update - May 8th, 2018

    HELP. HOW CAN I USE the function of extrude the ground (if it still exists), I like to fill in the gaps I made previously when deforming the ground and I also need it to finish a sculpture I was working on. Could the z / x keys be used for this function? It's funny (and annoying), I have problems with the colicion of the floor, often the objects are attached to a certain depth of the floor and occasionally reach the underground caverns (that happened to my serrated cabin, I have not seen it again). Sometimes I take a work light (or other object) but it does not reach my backpack (to the empty ports), I go down to the caverns and that is just below the surface where I lost them. * Today I made a train of transport of resources installing a medium battery and a medium solar panel, at the time of driving it, I undied on the ground and ended up stuck in the wall of a cave that I did not know, I dug until it was free and it took me almost 30 minutes go back to the surface. I would like the mini rover to have 2 ports connected to pick up an "X" object on the way. "Bero that would allow to carry a battery or a medium storage" I do not see the difference, it does not consume energy so fast and the backpack is enough for it. (laugh), I think you exaggerate a bit with energy. I also do the same, but only for transportation of objects, I like to drive to the base.
  2. max_lancer2018

    The Rover Update - May 8th, 2018

    In my opinion. THE OLD DRIVING SYSTEM has failures when turning: in the medium and large vehicles it is very slow compared to previous vercion, but also a little erratic, reaching a rewind if you do not look ahead at the same time. THE NEW ONE is functional but also slow when turning. I can not give closed turns compared to the previous version
  3. max_lancer2018

    The Rover Update - May 8th, 2018

    "The built-in batteries on the Medium and Large Rover have been tuned to require more active power sources." In part I support your argument, I also like to collect objects but the battery of the vehicles is too short, I can not go into a cavern and go down a hill of 100 feet with 2 EMPITY cars without using external batteries. (I'm using a translation app)