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  1. Erik Verplank

    Enemies or a better challenge

    There should be more of a challenge in the game then just oxygen, or spitting plants that you can easily dig underneath from far distances. It just gets a bit boring while mining or creating machines, as there is no threat except for immobile plants and oxygen.
  2. Erik Verplank

    Rips in map

    I started a new save, which I have only played on twice, and on the map exotic I noticed long rips around the map. I was even able to use the terrain tool to raise the rip which I could then fit my body in. Some of the rips were already big enough to fall through.
  3. My existing game that we've been playing for 3 days, and have been to 3 planets, is now running very slow after this last update. We are on the planet exotic, and I think it is an fps drop. We started a new game and it's running fine. Is there any way to fix this issue?