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  1. MammonLord

    Twich streamers interested in 1.0

    Well thank you for taking the time to reply.
  2. MammonLord

    Twich streamers interested in 1.0

    I am looking for a Community Manager or person with a similar role within System Era. I feel confident I can say two of the streamers I help, BadNewsBaron and Captain_Richard, may be interested in streaming Astroneers 1.0. Please contact me or reply to this thread if you would like alternate contact details for these two streamers or to connect with more streamers. Thank you for your consideration! You can check out BadNewsBaron here and contact him via Twitter You can check out Captain_Richard here and contact him via Twitter
  3. Hello. I'm a moderator for several partnered space and sci-fi themed Twitch channels. I'm trying to gather more information for them to promote 1.0 on their channels. Please let me know to whom I should direct them, or if you need more details.
  4. Please consider letting players put marbles on the trade platform to earn a "point" (or a million space bucks, or some other cosmetic achievement). Most importantly, this gives a reason for exploration once all of the research is done. Depending on what the designers prefer, this could ether create friendly competition between players vying to get the highest score on their server or allow all players to cooperate in raising the prestige of their colony. Thank you for your consideration.