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  1. Press ESC then click cancel changes and resume. Works for me.
  2. Press ESC click cancel changes and resume. Works for my as this is common bug.
  3. Astroneer has become unplayable. Driving around and occasionally falling into a mystery hole (broken terrain) and finding away out saving rovers has gotten old. 6 caves previously explorable are completely glitched. Following an old tether line then turning around to find the way back has to be rebuilt. When returning to my original base I found all 4 sections of a medium rover train partially buried. I understand that it's early access. I got this game 1st on Xbox when it came out. Had it on my PC for over a year and a half. The issues with the terrain are worse now ever. But we now have a v
  4. It's too bad that cute new rovers, and a low yield research things, new astroneers, their shape and walking style are more important then the terrain bugs that haven't been fixed in over a year. Now the habitat you build and deploy at a far base is called "Drop Ship". On a UHD monitor good luck finding the cursor all 1 pixel of it. BTW there is a falling through the terrain comment that Dates from Dec.2016.
  5. Planet Terran not rotating. Stuck in night for an hour then I gave up. Restarted and rebooted everything. Still stuck. All medium batteries and 3 large rovers used for storage discharged. Only 1 independent large rover usable using a small generator and a lot of organics. Solar panels ( 3 medium and 6 small )useless. Remote new base is 4 maximum beacon distance East of main base. Main base in perpetual day.
  6. FYI this bug also affecting the Microsoft PC and Xbox. I have played (on and off)this early release game for 1 year. BTW I have no idea why there is a Y over me or why mouse illustrations are over my backpack
  7. Usually Q opens the build menu. Tried different keys nothing worked . Cannot pick it up from the large A platform .
  8. I play on Steam (PC version) and have a separate Microsoft Xbox and PC version. The PC version is visually different. The following are Steam plays ver. 1) Can not interact with Medium Printer. 2 different saves( 01 & 02), a total of 3 medium printers. No prompt for Q. Holding Q has no effect. 2) Save 00 2 medium rovers are not accessible Holding E brings up the terrain tool. They worked and then they became accessible. Placing and removing the seat didn't fix the issue. 3) Save 01 Holding E to enter the habitat places me ----the camera -- under the habitat with c