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  1. Christopher White

    Hotfix 1.1.3 - May 23rd, 2019

    This hot fix did not work on xbox still hangs on box.
  2. Christopher White

    1.1.3 - XBOX ONE - LAG

    I get the same thing to the point of crashing on xbox to. Gets worse in multiplayer too. There no fix only hope for a patch for them to fix it. But had this issue for ages
  3. Christopher White

    Bug / multiplayer lag problem

    I'm hosting and crashing in multiplayer to on xbox one S. the further your friend goes the worse the fps gets to the point it hangs to it goes to dashboard. This is annoying now
  4. Christopher White

    Low framerate on xbox

    Notice the fps gets really bad during co op playing also to the point its unplayable, crashes to dashboard. it like its has one huge memory leak. even if you use the rockets to jump to another planet the fps drops down to 0-1fps black screen gone... same if you use trade post. Something needs to be done and speed up loading times and reduce the memory usage during multiplayer.....
  5. Christopher White

    Do away with teathers

    I noticed in mutiplayer the more teathers you place the longer the lag deley for both players to many screen goes black and crashes the game on consols.
  6. Christopher White

    loading takes forever to load

    on console the game takes forever to load. losding screen click a wait ages sigh oh loads next page to load your data that just takes as long to load and having to press a again to play. come on this needs to pic up in speed to load and fps issue causes more problem
  7. Christopher White

    Xbox Stock on joining host

    trying to join my friends in game. loades in in lanch pod hangs kicks you off back to start menu cluck to join it hangs joining host after 12 mins fails to join host
  8. Christopher White

    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    whats happened sorry i hate this new update others might like it but its a nightmare to get copper now abdr been stock piling dirty to get ad much copper as i wanted now thats out the window cheers. cant even make copper ftom dirt bad mistake
  9. Christopher White

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    I see after two updates and countless patches were still having clipping issues and vehicles stuck in floors on consoles. Also why does pc version look different even the new videos on you tube pc players are playing with different models skins to there tools ?
  10. Christopher White


    Sorry for the caps, trying to get use to a tablet and it's annoying with auto correct and my brother thought it be funny to set it to all letter capitalized. I'm enjoying the complete sand box game and would be cool to make bigger craft to go furher deep space explorining. Looking for other life form only leads to ppl wanting PvP alien shoot outs pointless if you ask me as the game is great as is. But thank you for the heads up on checking before publishing Delete post and I remake it' only make sense
  11. Christopher White

    Disappearing Vehicles

    I' getting this bug in 8.0 it be like stuck halfway though the world and if you dig it out it goes further in until it hits a void like a cave or goes even further...
  12. Christopher White

    When’s the next patch out been like two month nearly?

    Great news at last
  13. Any idea when the next patch be released?
  14. Guys would it be cool to build out own huge star ship or space station at various parts of space to travel further also stock pile mats for diffrent places. Would be cool if if there are other races that want trade deal for materials, for blue print plans new plant life is even locations were to find better quality materials to use or trade. Group adventures is another thing were each team member has an objection sepaate from the other person but has to work as a team to get each other' completed.
  15. Christopher White

    Falling through map

    This keeps happening to me too. Fall though map with vehicles worst thing is you log out to load from previous leave hoping it’s saves time it doesn’t it loads you into the vehicle suspended in the air you can clearly see though the whole map no point getting out takes hours to dig the thing out too. It gets to the point you have to delete a save and start all over again. Come on fix this nearly two month since last patch again. Pc version looks better time to get xbox version sorted out