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  1. I play on Steam, mouse and keyboard, and I found this bug with dynamite, messed around a bit, and found that none of my other items can stick to me. I'm guessing it's because dynamite has the stickiness part about it, so if placed "on an object" (me) it wont fall off. This is totally cool for sticking on cave walls, but I'm guessing it's not supposed to stick to me. I stuck them to me by opening my inventory, then simply selecting the dynamite and clicking on my character. I noticed the dynamite only stuck when the compass showed up, so that's why I presume it will only stick on my hitbox. Also, the dynamite becomes seemingly attached to me, clipping through solid objects, like walls, and it cannot be detonated or removed. Only after the inventory is opened again will the dynamite become interactive once more. After discovering this, I saved, closed out of Astroneer and came back, and the bug persisted. This would be great if your inventory was full of dynamite and you're still mining in a cave. I still haven't researched dynamite, so this dynamite was all found either on dead astronauts in caves or laying on the ground in caves. (I also found that when they spawned on the ground in caves they seemed like they couldn't be picked up, perhaps deceiving the player into thinking that they can only be detonated, but after mining underneath them they can be picked up.)