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  1. Any time I dig around a tractor or a trailer, it just glitches into the ground. I was able to retrieve it only 1 of 2 times. I would really like this to be patched as it can be very frustrating to happen. Imagine if there was an rtg or something else that was very valuable. This has made me put the game away for a while. And it would be bad for such a bug to happen to a new player.
  2. The Tox

    Enterable Habbitat

    +1 But yeah I also do want that to happen. A small house for our astroneers.
  3. The Tox

    Use for Diamond and Nanocarbon Alloy

    Maybe no glass but one graphene, titanium, or titanium alloy instead. Also how big are we talking here?
  4. The Tox

    Periodic Table of Elements

    I hope this idea gets implemented into the game. The ways of using these new materials probably will be in a update post 1.0 but we’ll have to see. Also +1 to the spiral design.
  5. The Tox

    A dedicated button to slide

    Could explain more, like if you press this you automatically slide or you need to be going fast enough? Basically, more DETAILS.
  6. The Tox

    nuclear energy

    I had something similar
  7. The Tox

    Medium shuttle pointless

    The aero spikes are something which would be amazing when vehicular modularity comes out. But with vehicular modularity, why can’t we also get player modularity and backpack modularity. It would be a bit more fun to have upgraded back packs and suits. For the vehicles we could get engines that go faster or can pull more weight with the winch. And for the shuttles different engines, landing legs, and fuel tanks/ fuel types would be a benefit for the planet hoppers. also there could be an upgrade for the range of the shuttles from small to large.
  8. While we are on what counts as weapons/damaging things, what about the fire from the furnace? also I am sorry but I did not see that post and as such I thought I was the original. Also the small generator type b would only use organic to make power and create carbon as a waste product.
  9. The Tox

    The Crafting Update - September 6th, 2018

    Look in the astro discord support section. Someone will help you out
  10. Klead does this really work and not break everthing? And is this the first build?
  11. The Tox

    The Crafting Update - September 6th, 2018

    Are you on steam or the astroneer discord?
  12. The Tox

    Big Problem Saving The Game

    So windows. I suggest waiting for blind to respond. I can’t really help?
  13. The Tox

    Big Problem Saving The Game

    What Io was trying to say was if you were on steam with a controller or other details on how you play and what you play on.