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  1. The power reserves on the large rovers was seriously cut hard. Mine runs for about 4 seconds before its out of power. Now if you link 3 of them together and with 2 medium batteries, 8 solar panels, 8 windmills and picking up every patch of power I can find, I can manage to get it about anywhere I need it to go, and it does climb hills better than it did which is wonderful. The buggy is a well a bit buggy yet. It flips on me really easy, once its on its top I have to dig under it to get it to flip over. Fun to drive and easy to explore in as long as you take it easy in it. I'm sure its the lower gravity planet I am on as well playing with its stability. 

    Overall, great patch thank you!

    3 hours ago, KungFuStu72 said:

    I think I might have to start adding a seat to the last truck in my land trains to make reversing a bit easier. 

    With the new control method I keep jack-knifing and getting really jammed up.

    That's a good idea.

  2. On 5/1/2018 at 12:14 AM, Devan Reisig said:

    Rovers are still for the most part unusable. Too slow compared to their previous versions, and the smaller rovers suck up way too much power.

    Large rovers, two or more, are incredibly too slow or unable to climb over hills. They use to, but now their torque sucks. It does. I love everything else about this update. However the unnecessary nerf to vehicles, intentional or not, has killed this game's fun for me. I will be looking else where to spend my time and check back every month to see if we have allowed Large Rovers the ability to climb a hill with two or more in a train.

    No sense in supporting the nomadic playstyle if you can't go anywhere annway. The previous vehicles were more supportive of mobile base designs than this patch is 100%. My intention is not to be rude, but it's to let you know how some people are gonna feel this patch.

    I gotta agree with this.  LOOOOVE this game, its amazing, you can play for hours and hours and hours just exploring and having a blast, but the vehicles are just nearly useless. They flip too easy, get stuck too easy, run out of power all the time, it does not matter how many batteries, wind turbines, solar panels(why when your spend 99% of your time underground) you dump on these things they are just a pain in the arse to use. Id rather just hoof it with tethers. Speaking of tethers my last game starting freezing when I put tethers down. Maybe having too many is thing?

    Great job so far, but yes please for the love of god fix vehicles. They are supposed to make things easier, not be such a pain.