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  1. Greetings, Astroneers! This forum served us well throughout the Early Access release of Astroneer and into the full release, but we are offering support through a number of channels and will be concentrating our efforts there. Thanks to all of you who participated by sharing ideas, offering support, and reporting countless bugs. (May the Zebra Leopard Ball be with those of you reported bots.) Astroneer and this community are better thanks to all of you! We’re still here for you and have shared some guidance below for the best places to report bugs, get support, connect with other players, share your ideas, and staying updated on the latest news. Updates and Astroneer News We publish patch notes and other important news on our blog. Join our mailing list or follow us on social to stay up to date. Troubleshooting and Support Support tickets, crash reports, and bug reports can be emailed to There are a number of troubleshooting guides and answers to frequently asked questions pinned in the #Astroneer-Help channel of our Discord. Suggestions and Connections Use the Game Suggestion flair on the Astroneer Subreddit to share your ideas with us! If you’re looking for other players head to the Multiplayer category of our Discord to find a dedicated server or join a co-op list. Thank you again for being a part of this space, we'll see you around. Gina C.
  2. Excellent, glad it was an easy fix! Don't sweat it, I'm happy to help. Enjoy your adventures!
  3. Hi Lee, sorry you're having trouble. Your DxDiag file says you're using driver version, but when I looked up the most current drivers for the GTX 970 it showed me driver version 471.41. If you are still encountering issues after updating, please send us an email to with the same attachments and we'll dig a little deeper.
  4. I'm not sure I've encountered this before. Make sure Windows and all of your drivers are up to date, reboot and give it another try.
  5. Verify that your hardware is all up to date, including Windows and your video drivers. If it's still having problems after that, email your DxDiag to and include that you're playing on Steam and the other details you've shared here about when it crashes.
  6. Is the loading error only happening when you try to open your save?
  7. Glad you were able to able to get your unlocks, and thanks for following up! ✌
  8. If you could pass along this save, that would be helpful too, @UprisingErrors
  9. Sorry about that Vincent. Please send me your username and how many points you are missing.
  10. Sorry you're having trouble with the event, Christina. Just a few questions for you: What platform are you playing on? Is the server self hosted or preferred (Gportal/Nitrado)? What are the usernames of the players involved? Where should you all be in the event?
  11. Hi @Lokii! I can't modify Steam Achievements, unfortunately, and you'll need to compete the process again while online. If the platform achievement isn't a priority for you, you can send us your Steam name and confirmation that you've completed Vesania we can unlock the cosmetics for you, otherwise you should receive it when you complete the achievement while online. There's some chance you can connect with players in our Discord or join one of the publicly listed Dedicated server to re-complete the achievement there and possibly save yourself some bootstrapping. If you just want the cosmetics, you can email us at or message me here.
  12. This event's EXO Request Platform should only accept 1 canister at a time (on the top), if i recall correctly. Repacking and unpacking the E.R.P should update your module and resolve the issue.
  13. Hi @metalicuus, would you please email your save file and DxDiag to so we can take a closer look?
  14. We do not currently have mouse support on consoles.
  15. The way storms were implemented in the game during Astroneer Early Access was not compatible with the changes made to the game in the Astroneer 1.0 release. Their original implementation was more or less a test or prototype, so when they didn't work with the new terrain system in the full release version of the game the feature was shelved. During Early Access storms were a pretty contentious topic. A lot of players didn't like them because they served no real purpose and just meant players were forced into a time-out for a couple of minutes where they couldn't do much aside from taking cover and waiting for it to pass, and it was even worse in multiplayer. It would take a very, very long time to bring them back in a meaningful way and they could potentially be incompatible with existing saves, so for now they'll stay on the back burner as we focus on a variety of other ideas and systems that are less likely to break people's saves.
  16. I'd be happy to @Tj Morris! Please send me a screenshot of your Xbox trophy and your Xbox username and I'll go make sure you have all of your Wanderer stuff. You can share it here in this thread, or you're free to DM it to me if you'd prefer.
  17. You must unlock a Gateway Chamber on the surface before you can access the interior of the Gateway Engine at the core.
  18. Thanks @00001H, this is working as designed. When you paint the ground with the default terrain color is only affects the top layer and the layers beneath remain unchanged. You still have to craft/find the mod, just as you would a drill. And while it may qualify as an exploit in some scenarios, in most cases it's more effort to paint then deform the ground than it is to drill it.
  19. I'm fairly certain this version of the scrap glitch has been fixed, 0001H. There's a new one that requires a ton more effort that we may address in a future update.