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  1. Hey, I'm trying to reproduce this, but without success so far. Are you in a solo game, multiplayer (client or host), or on a dedicates server? Here's what I did... Use quartz to print a beacon, place the beacon in the Astroneer's backpack, turn the beacon on, enter the shelter, save and quit to main menu, reload. I have tried a few times in a solo game, and each time I reload the save I exit the shelter and the beacon is still in my backpack, but has been turned off.
  2. Hi Pawet, sorry you didn't get your achievement. Please email so we can open a ticket on this issue. Be sure to include your username and the platform you play the game on and we'll take a look.
  3. This typically has something to do with your NAT type. Here are a couple of support links that usually help: Console player support. Win10 player support.
  4. Thank you Casidev, we'll take a look. Can you confirm the game version number from the menu?
  5. This could mean you need to update to DirectX 11 or potentially that your hardware is below spec. A screenshot of the System Requirements as shown on Steam is attached. If your hardware prevents you from updating to DX11, the last build of the game you are able to play is version We have added an optional steam branch called "astro_1_14_dx10" that is permanently locked the Automation Update 002 (1.14) update. In game events and content added from update 1.15 and beyond will not be available on this branch. Using a save file from version 1.15 or higher will corrupt it and make t
  6. Thanks for the report, we have this bug logged and will hopefully have a fix implemented for the March update.
  7. Bummer. If you wouldn't mind, please send an email to with your DxDiag so we can take a closer look and open a ticket on this issue. Also include that you are playing via Steam and what steps you've taken so far. Apologies for your trouble.
  8. How strange, thanks for the report Rogue.
  9. Thanks, we have this bug logged and it's on our to-do list.
  10. If it's still doing this after a reboot, you might consider reinstalling the game. Your save files should be safe, but if you're interested, you can back up your saves to another location and delete the Astro folder as well to do a completely fresh install. Saves are here: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\SaveGames Astro folder is here: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local
  11. A hotfix for the Chemistry Lab should be available later today.
  12. You will respawn at your starting shelter after completing the game, but your should find your shuttle wherever you left it last.
  13. Hi @Ricoxor, sorry you're having trouble. Are you playing on a self hosted server or did you rent is from Nitrado or Gportal?