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  1. SES_Gina

    Saved games have vanished

    That's quite strange, especially since you're using the Microsoft version which utilizes Cloud Saves. I wonder if there's some sort of timeframe for how long they store files for players on Gamepass vs players that own the game. Have you reached out to Microsoft support by chance?
  2. SES_Gina

    Split screen

    Hello @Marcus Henrique Mezzalira. Unfortunately, our game's user interface would not do well in a split-screen view. For example, opening your backpack to move inventory from one place to another would be practically impossible. Things like driving would also be troublesome.
  3. SES_Gina

    BUG: STEAM: Feild Shelter Shennanigans.

    Does your base happen to be very close to the North or South pole of Atrox?
  4. SES_Gina

    Can't finish Halloween Event

    Are you playing solo or in multiplayer?
  5. SES_Gina

    Do the devs even LOOK in the ideas section.

    For a number of reasons; other users can reply in a thread, it's easy to share a link to a particular idea, there are far more users on our Subreddit than there are here, and users can upvote ideas they like.
  6. Do you happen to know if your partner was already 16 points ahead of you when you joined the multiplayer session? Please also copy-paste your original post into an email and send it to and include your Steam name. Marc will log the error and set your rewards straight.
  7. SES_Gina

    [] [Steam] Random Crashes

    Hi Radx, sorry for the late response and your troubles in-game. Is it only crashing in the tutorial, or does it happen in the regular game too?
  8. Sorry about that @Leonardo Hanazaki! If you send us an email at with which platform you're playing on and your username there, Marc will be able to log this issue and make sure you have all relevant rewards.
  9. SES_Gina

    Cubic object

    Hi @Lucas Gunn! There will be a holiday update again this year. We haven't shared about what will be in it yet, but we will have some more information soon. Hope you're enjoying the game.
  10. SES_Gina

    System Era Logo

    I had to ask Adam about this one. Here's what he said: 🚀
  11. Hi @Ms.Markarth, sorry about that!! Please email us at and include which platform your play on and your username there so we can further investigate and make sure you get your items.
  12. SES_Gina

    Cannot complete ALL achievements

    That's the one! Enjoy your adventure, @shortermemory!
  13. Thank you, @IndieInc., this bug has been logged. This typically happens when a player travels from planet to planet with a battery on their shuttle, it's visual only and should not otherwise affect your battery.
  14. Thanks for all of the feedback regarding getting stuck in the terrain. This is a bug that we are aware of and working on a fix for in a future update. For what it's worth, it does seem that the problem is worse if you are near the North or South pole of a planet.
  15. SES_Gina

    Astroneer multiplayer issues

    You should find it in the settings app, here: