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    Astroneer game will no longer save

    I sent an email with several reports of this to the devs Support email address last week, and got a response: They didn't give any time line on the fix, but they say they're working on it. Hopefully we'll see it soon!
  2. Dedicated servers and Creative Mode are both on the Roadmap.
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    "User not found" Coop Error

    Try this:
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    Yeah, you just have to sort of look at your back bumper to stay level-ish, which blocks the view of where you're going. 10/10 way to drive.
  5. Gina


    Only Drill Mods will work on your terrain tool and only Drill Strengths will work on vehicles. There is a gauge that will appear in front of you when you have a Drill Strength 1, 2, or 3 equipped to your vehicle that is controlled by your camera position. It's not the best system in my opinion. Because the game is in Third Person, you're typically looking over your shoulder and therefore tend to aim your camera down, somewhat, to get a good view of what's immediately ahead of you. In doing so, the little red bar on the gauge goes down and you follow by digging down. 😒 Watch where the bar is, and if you're drilling to the core, I wouldn't expect to drill back out. At least, not until the Paver is released in a future update. If you decide to do it anyway, be prepared to exit and build ramps back up through each cavern layer. The better option is to take a tractor with a drill on front and a trailer with a power source. Fill you backpack with enough packagers to pack the Tractor, Trailer, Drill, and Power and anything else you attach then drill down, complete your task, pack up, and take the easy way out.
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    Yes, all of the planets and moons have a cave system. If you're digging on Atrox, you'll want to equip a drill and maintain power, it will make it a much smoother process. I'd recommend the Drill Mod 2 or Drill Mod 3. All 5 of the (non-moon) planets have something unique in their Mantle layer. On Sylva, it's the mushroom biome. Calidor, Vesania, Glacio and Atrox all have something a little different. If you proceed down, beyond the mantle layer, you will come to the core of the planet. I'd recommend paying it a visit.
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    Problem z teksturami

    I don't know when the next Live Stream will be, but on Discord they mentioned both a vlog and a test build on Steam this week.
  8. Gina

    Problem z teksturami

    That is a known problem. The ground the game client sees is different than the ground the game host is seeing. This problem is on the list to be fixed by the developers. The other problem, if I understand the translation correctly, is also known by the developers and they are working on a fix. The rover begins to sink into the ground when you dig nearby. Przetłumaczone przez Google: Jest to znany problem. Ziemia, którą widzi klient gry, różni się od ziemi widzianej przez gospodarza gry. Ten problem znajduje się na liście, którą programiści mogą naprawić. Drugi problem, jeśli dobrze rozumiem tłumaczenie, jest również znany programistom i działa na poprawce. Łazik zaczyna tonąć w ziemi, gdy kopiesz w pobliżu.
  9. If a client crashes in space, the only way I know how to undo it is for the Host to immediately open the menu and reload the save. Everyone will be kicked had have to rejoin. If someone saves the game before the Host reloads, the changes can't be reverted. If the host successfully reloads, the game should revert to the moment the client that crashed entered the shuttle (and therefore saved the game).
  10. Terrain desync between the host and clients is the first bug listed in the Known Issues list on the Development Roadmap. Hopefully we'll see it get addressed soon. Clients seeing other players as a giant resource, seeing floating Terrain Tools, and floating resources that are actually on someone else's backpack/terrain tool are all also a pretty common bugs, although those are not listed on the Roadmap, I know the devs have asked about some of these issues on their Discord server. Does the 3rd player/client also see the things you see?
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    Odd issue with Gateway Engine

    I have heard of this happening to a handful of others on Discord, so you're not alone. It seems that when the spokes around the core disappear, the resource icon on the receptacle also disappears. I'm uncertain if there is a reliable fix for this issue yet, though.
  12. They have asked about this on their Discord, but received very little response the last time it came up. I'm not sure if they think it is resolved or not.
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    Use a winch to free the vehicle.
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    Bug with Astronium

    I've heard of this happening, but usually if you go mine some new Astronium, you can research the new nuggets.
  15. Gina

    Terrain Bug

    This is the first Bug listed in the Known Issues list on the Roadmap. Hopefully it'll be resolved soon!
  16. Gina

    Xbone game saves

    If you have the ability to access your saves from a Windows 10 PC using the Xbox companion app, there is a way.
  17. You can resolve this by exiting, and moving your shuttle even just the tiniest amount or deploying a landing pad.
  18. Gina

    Sharegame Option

    You can find your .SaveGames here, and share them with friends for solo or off-line play. C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\SaveGames
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    You're right that there's room for improvement with regards to navigation. Cartography is on the Roadmap in the Potential Future Updates column. It'll be a while before they get to it though, so in the meantime, there are a few things that you may or may not know that will help you navigate better. If you are on Steam and use Experimental Clouds, the outline of your beacons will be visible through clouds. Keep in mind that Experimental Clouds will negatively impact your FPS/performance and they are not yet available for Xbox players for this reason. (Beacons are never visible beyond the horizon, so put them up high to increase visibility.) On Sylva, the starting habitat is always in the northern hemisphere. Its distance from the North Pole may vary, but if you're lost, it's good to know that home is probably to the North. The Star Belt in the sky is on the same plane on every planet and therefore is in line with the equator 100% of the time. If it is completely vertical, you're on the equator. If it's completely horizontal, you're on the North or South pole. So of course, if it's at any other angle, you're between a pole and the equator. For PC players, if you hold Right Click on your character while you're traveling on foot, your compass will stay visible. (I'm not sure if this is possible on Xbox, but Right Click is how PC moves the camera. I'd be interested to know if you can achieve this by hovering over your Astroneer then holding down the stick that moves your camera.) If you build/move your base to the North or South pole, it will be much easier to find as you can simply follow your compass back home. This works on the surface and in caves. If you're in a shuttle, the North Pole is the furthest point to the right and the South Pole is the furthest point to the left
  20. This is also the case when you travel via the Gateway Network.
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    A problem with my savegame

    Strange. Send a crash report to the dev team. 🤷‍♀️
  22. Gina

    A problem with my savegame

    How long ago did you start your first savegame?
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    You can build from either direction, if you happen to build in the "wrong" direction, unplug any of the cables and connect it back in the correct direction and it will correct all other extenders, so they'll all flow that way too.
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    Think of Extenders like extension cords you'd use irl. They take power from here, to there, not back and forth.
  25. @ledfootfam you can open the menu and reload the same save to go back to your last save-point instead of unplugging your Xbox.