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    How do I...?

    Astroneer is an Xbox Play Anywhere title, so you can play it on your Xbox or on a Windows 10 PC. Log into the Windows Store/Xbox Companion App using the same account and you should be able to launch the game as long as your machine meets the System Requirements for the Microsoft version..
  2. I like the menus and the catalog, but I find the printers a bit frustrating. I have played hundreds upon hundreds of hours, and I'm pretty familiar with how things are organized (categorically) but I still constantly click past the thing I'm looking to print. I would love to see the printers alphabetized instead of being sorted in the same order as the catalog. It seems like it'd not only be easier to navigate your printer, but also encourage the use of each item's proper name. Not that it really matters that I continue to use Mineral Extractor instead of Soil Centrifuge, but you know...ease of use, consistency, all that jazz. Or maybe add some sort of toggle in settings where I can choose to sort by category or alphabetically.
  3. Hi @Sardonyx78, it might be helpful to send this information to If you're using Steam, there are also two workarounds that help in many cases. Link one Link two
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    Astroneer Distances

    Veronica said the moons are identical in size, so ~60k Units, but does this mean all of the planets are identical in size (aside from topography)? Glaico seems bigger than the others, but perhaps I am conflating it with Tundra from Early Access.
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    New Suit!

    Mix it up, try out the various emotes and animations (running, death, etc) with each suit. You should at least experience them, even if they aren't your main. I have used all of the suits for at least a little while, but my main in Early Access was Bubbles. Now my main is Arid suit. Bubbles, Exotic, and Terran are probably the ones I switch to most often when I'm not using Arid. 218 on the Microsoft version and 1,348 on Steam (1,566) I say, I'm ready for even more suits, in addition to the new palettes and visors.
  6. I have a rather different, almost a completely opposite take on this. It's an upgraded version of the backpack you can buy and craft. No built in Oxygen Tank. No built in battery. Instead, there are 4 Auxiliary slots instead of 2 where the O2 tank was. The battery is also replaced with 4 regular slots. I haven't quite sorted out is how players using a controller would interact with 4 Aux slots. Those controls would definitely be more manageable on PC. With jetpacks out now, I just really want more space on top of my backpack. Perhaps keep just 2 Aux and have some standard ones on top, idk. I just want my light and 2 jetpacks on top, tbh. lol. Anyway, you would use small batteries and small O2 tanks for power and oxygen storage, stay tethered, or use a Portable Oxygenator, whatever you want. That's your problem with your slightly more spacious and customizable backpack. If you die you respawn with a standard backpack, and recover the upgrade or make a new one. It would also be nice to scrap crafted backpacks. TBH, I'd like to scrap all backpacks, but I see how it could be exploited with players dying again and again just so they can scrap their luggage. Maybe if we got 1 freebie that's recoverable/replaceable when we start, and then all others are crafted out of a universal resource. That'd be a fun challenge. Your idea leads me to want an upgradeable Terrain Tool with built in soil storage, though. Maybe a little battery too, something along the lines of what the Buggy has. Good ideas, Mio! I really like the idea of researching additional upgrades. I have far more bytes than I have things to do with them.
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    A smattering of ideas I'd had

    Crossing a cavern without making a bridge Digging OUT of a cave system EZ mode ramps Not despising the treacherous terrain of Exotic Planets/Moons
  8. Gina

    Running Speed

    yeah, it's a jungle down there
  9. One of these two things often does the trick. Delete the MP4 files. Put -nosound in the Steam Launch Options.
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    A smattering of ideas I'd had

    Named colors would be awesome. A toggle tilt on flood lights has been something I wanted since I built my first one, the cursor tracking is genius! I used to be more hyped about pavers than jetpacks, but after using IDK. I can't wait to get my hands on the paver so I can finally decide which one I'm more in love with!!
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    Running Speed

    I've noticed 2 bugs with tethers, and 1 of them is the same for glowsticks. If you drop tethers or glowsticks from your Aux slot with C/V, they behave as expected except the last tether/stick in the bundle just falls over instead of standing up like all of the others. If you drop tethers from your backpack using T, they appear to drop erratically and the last one still falls over. Elsewhere, someone labeled it a Zero index problem. In the video I did Glowsticks (C), Tether Bundle 1 (V), and Tether Bundle 2 (T). Tether Bug.mp4
  12. I would like to see the pattern that appears when you activate a Gateway Chamber match the icon for that planet. Right now, all of the Gateway Chambers have a Sylva-esqe Triptych pattern to them. Currently, regardless of the planet, all Gateways Chambers have this pattern: I propose that it stays pretty much the same for Sylva, and the patterns below appear on the chambers of the planets they correspond to. I think it would help players come to better identify the icons of the planets when they see them, especially when using the Gateway Network to travel.
  13. I was wrong about this. This detail is already in the game. I just didn't see "between the lines" in some of the patterns.
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    delete posts and or profile

    No clue, there's probably an unchecked box somewhere or something. 🤷‍♀️ Sorry I couldn't be more help.
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    Atmosphere won't render

    Wow. That's a new one. Email a bug report to Include as much of the following as you can. Your Save file, found here if you're on Steam: C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\SaveGames Your specs, you can get these by pressing the Windows key and typing: DxDiag + Enter, Click "Save All Information" and save and attach the .txt file to your email Information about your problem, be sure to include as much info as possible like Whether you're experiencing this on Steam, Xbox, or the Windows Store version Are you using a controller or keyboard and mouse What happened leading up to this issue The steps to reproduce the bug, if possible The images you've attached here, or a even just a link to this post.
  16. When you open your catalog it's sorted in categories by printer. You can scroll up & down and left & right through the menu. By default, you can only see the first two items in each row. The Small Printer has the Tractor & Trailers, the Medium Printer has the Buggy and Medium Rover, the Large Printer has the Large Rover and all Shuttles.
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    I looked, they're pretty much identical. You're right, it could use some more color. The fins should be aluminum or something.
  18. Gina

    Mineral extracter

    This is a known bug, you can pack and unpack them in the meantime. Kind of a pain, but hopefully resolved soon.
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    delete posts and or profile

    Hey, I can't delete your profile but I can delete your posts if you'd like. Just let me know which ones you want to take down.
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    Solar Panels not generating energy

    Please email a bug report to Include as much of the following as you can. Your Save file, found here: C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\SaveGames Your specs, you can get these by pressing the Windows key and typing: DxDiag + Enter, save the .txt file somewhere you can find it A description of your issue(s) Any images or video you might have that would help explain your issue.
  21. There are a couple of things that might help, specifically if you're on Steam: delete the MP4 files or put -nosound in the Steam Launch Options. Good luck.
  22. Gina

    Large Rover Attachment Issue

    What a strange bug. You should email a bug report to Include as much of the following as you can. Your Save file, found here: C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\SaveGames Your specs, you can get these by pressing the Windows key and typing: DxDiag + Enter, save the .txt file somewhere you can find it A description of your issue(s) The images you've attached here, or a even just a link to this post.
  23. Gina


    Welcome! Is the habitat one different from the crafted one? I haven't really compared the two.
  24. They are still in the Catalog of your backpack under the third tab/button for the Medium Printer, and of course printed at the Medium Printer.
  25. We certainly did hijack Xum's post @The Touch of Grey Gamer I'll continue here, where it's more relevant. Context: Yes, things printed come in boxes, but you thought the camera was useless'd be even more useless if you had to waste a packager on it just to take it with you. You'd have to craft a truck load of steel to have multiple. You're right. Steel is an odd choice. If I got to choose, and it had to be 1 resources...I think i'd choose plastic. No one's going to carry a steel camera in the real world, it'd be too heavy to be portable. Plastic would be light, portable, and though you still need a resource from the Chem Lab, it's more affordable. I hear you on the glass because of the lens, but that's 1 component of this item. Plastic body cameras totally logical. I'm with you here too. I don't use or even craft the splitter. Joe said in an interview recently that he like to build bases underground, and he will switch from solar power to wind power at night? What? Switch? Why not just pipe it all in together? What's the point in cutting off your wind during the day?? If I want to combine 2 power streams into 1, I'll save myself the copper and graphite and use a platform, thanks. The ONLY use I see for the splitter is as a measuring tool. I can't answer this exactly except to say that the people who fix bugs and the people who make hoops are typically not the same people. Not all game devs are engineers. To oversimplify it a bit, the art and design people are working on Thing A and the Engineers are working on Thing B. Team Engineer is probably broken up a bit too, Network Engineers are probably doing something different than the Software Engineers. I don't see more planets happening, maybe ever, but at least not for a long time....because of this. I hope there are more resources, and better planets in time. I use my Gateway network, I generally keep my base at the North or South Pole Gateway Chamber so since I'm already there, I will gladly use it to go grab a can of Helium from that Atmospheric Condenser I left running on Atrox and not waste any fuel. What do you want to do with Astronium?? I want to use it to overclock my modules and make them run faster, and give me a reason to use (and thereby create) more power.