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  1. Gina

    Update 1.10.9 - March 10, 2020

    Dedicated Servers are currently being beta tested. They'll be public soon. Third party dedicated servers will be available from Nitrado. When those servers are released, the option to host your own will also be available.
  2. Gina

    Update 1.10.9 - March 10, 2020

    Lol, you're a monster. 😂 It doesn't quite work that way. This new feature only applies to the small debris pieces, so since dynamite is an item and not debris, it will not go into the bundle. Things like broken tethers, broken extenders, small pieces of trim, platform legs, etc will group into a bundle when you add them to your inventory/storage.
  3. Gina

    Update 1.10.9 - March 10, 2020

    The terrain conforms to a grid system. Imagine that in the attached gif that there's a Gateway Chamber on each of the blue squares. That means there are 4 on the equator, one at the north pole, and one at the south pole -- just like in the game. When you are building in one of these locations, the terrain is naturally parallel to your feet. Starting at or near a gateway chamber is the simplest way to achieve the flat surface you're looking for. When you start, however, your shelter is somewhere between the Equator and the North Pole, so you are in a red or white area (as shown in the gif). It is still possible to put blocks together to make a plane parallel to the bottom of your feet appear. To do this, use the leveling block to make a terrain cube on the floor. Now, use the leveling block and make another terrain cube near the corner of the first one. As you play with this, you will likely see a small triangle emerge that is parallel to your feet instead of sloped to the side. Place your cursor on that triangle and begin spreading out the flat surface. My friend StackMan88 showed how stacking cubes on the corners of other cubes reveals some of these other angles.
  4. Gina

    Astroneer Discord Server

    Those issues are years old at this point and largely resolved, it would seem. At least one user here mistook being (deservingly) muted as a ban after spamming memes all over the server. The Discord is run pretty well, but admittedly, as an Admin there -- I am biased. If you haven't joined, I hope you'll consider it. There's a ton of great people, fun interactions, and opportunities to contribute to be had. Yesterday SES Dev Joe asked us to help him give a cool nickname to the Leveling Block. SES Marc engages with troubled users in real time to help them resolve issues with their game. They give us a heads up when they "push the button" to release an update so we can anxiously restart Steam again and again until we have a download. Joe will sometimes show off things that are in production or give previews of vlogs. When he has time to live stream, Discord knows first and with a click we can publish that info to many hundreds of other Discord servers that follow our Announcements channel. I have been hosting monthly giveaways of event-exclusive Palettes & Visors all year and we even gave away a limited release Astroneer Backpack at the end of last year. It's not a perfect place, but no place is. It is pretty freaking good though. Try it, you might like it too. And if you have any issues here, on Reddit, or on Discord, my DMs are open. I'm always quite happy to help.
  5. Gina


    I like the immersive nature of a diegetic UI, so having a compass overlay or some sort of HUD isn't were I'd like to see them go, but I do think having a little dot or icon show up on the hover-compass that'll show home and other beacons placed around the world is very appealing. I'd like to see the compass updated to look a bit more like the new Terrain Tool reticle, rather than the flat-white thing we have now. Seeing my compass on Glacio or in a bright environment is next to impossible.
  6. Gina

    February 2020 update ?

    During February they did a two day open beta for the Dedicated Servers on Steam.
  7. Gina

    Cannot connect to host

    There was an update this week, so make sure everyone involved is on version One common thing that will resolve many issues is rebooting your PC or console. What version of the game are you using? Steam, Microsoft Store/Xbox, or PS4?
  8. Gina

    true flat

    I don't think the devs ever lost sight of how important this aspect of game play is. From the very beginning, the ability to get "true flat" was an accidental feature. Building with the terrain is an integral part of Astroneer so players discovering that they could manipulate it with precision was probably as exciting for the developers as it was for us. If you were fortunate enough to build with true flat, then you were playing during Early Access and probably remember that with each update it was necessary to start a fresh save. In many cases, if you didn't, you'd begin to experience terrain seams and sometimes these seams would do untold damage to the things you built. If you didn't end up with your build being literally torn apart at the seams, then it probably ended up covered in unwelcome trees, grass, and rocks. You may have seen planets that looked like they were split into quarters. Older worlds just didn't last very long, especially considering they more-or-less update the game monthly. Things are quite different now, aside from the loss of flats. When 1.0 first shipped, the mantle layers of Calidor, Vesania, and Glacio didn't have any special decorators in the deep caves. That was added later. There have been events such as the Summer Update that featured a special edition Beach Ball, the Lunar update that added the Lunar Lander and the limited time airbags with fireworks, The Wanderer Update which added a unique discoverable item to each planet and moon, The Groundwork Update which featured "spooky squash" you cold harvest and plant, and currently the Holiday Update where they have added limited time drops/toys to the game. Any one of these things would have spelled disaster in the old terrain system (adding and/or removing features/items to the terrain). This is all possible thanks to "Terrain 2.0". In their efforts to make the game update-able, which they did, they changed the thing that made flat happen. A vocal minority has been calling for its return ever since, and SES has listened. They acknowledged these players and put "True Flat 2.0" on their Development Roadmap. More recently it seems as if they have been actively working on it However, they do have their own plans and priorities for the game, so it makes sense that they didn't stop or delay other areas of development to wedge this in.
  9. Gina

    The Holiday Update - December 16th, 2019

    This was due to SES fixing multiplayer terrain desync in November. It was mentioned in the patch notes, so any update created prior to November 15th is subject to experiencing this.
  10. Gina

    Auto starting research chamber

    I have been playing since 2016 and have never experienced the research chamber automatically grabbing items. I do hope that they will add this in the future though. I would love to fill my Large Silo B's with a dozen research items each and then, as Ron Popeil would say, Set it and forget it! Until then, I will probably continue to get the majority of my research bytes from the tier 1 research samples found on rocks and flora.
  11. Gina

    Problem with retro things

    Have you unlocked any other customizations since 1.0? If so are they accessible?
  12. Steam, Microsoft/Xbox, or PS4?
  13. Gina

    Better rover camera when drilling

    You'll appreciate this:
  14. Gina

    Binding Actions to Mouse Buttons

    You can work around this. If you bind the mouse button to a key on your keyboard, then bind an in-game action to the same key, you can press the mouse button to trigger the action.