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  1. the backpack already have a portable RTG, it slowyy recharges with time
  2. Cursor in Win10 edition and a dedicated button to slide things that fells from the ground have backwards gravity, just like the player
  3. this is not what i am talking about, its a photo mode, where theres no ui and you can take pictures
  4. Pressing a button combination (like Cntrl+Tab / Right stick + Y) should put you in photo mode, where your camera is completely free from your caracter, but can't clip through things, the time would stop, the UI would disappear and you could: move the sun, ignoring the equator and everything, so you can finally put the sun behind that beautiful mountain and take a picture of it. hide the menu that would appear with all these options. basic filters, like an Black and White one, Reversed colors, vibrant etc... and you could stack these up, so you could have a vibrant reversed black and white picture. be able to make some things invisible, like the sun (and its rays), the player, other planets, scrap, resources (not modules, idk why would you want to remove modules from your picture), UI, tethers and more you guys think would be cool to add to this list. Again, this could be stacked up. Remember that all of these would go back to normal when you leave Photo mode.
  5. sorry, but actually, i ram alone in the world for something like 10 minutes (glitched and got lost) without any oxygen supply by just getting these oxygen thingies that you find on the ground, you can free roam if you get these, not more than one time tough
  6. Its so hard to use the beacon right now, you need to keep "scrolling" the colors, and if you acidentally pass of your color, you need to scroll all over again so what i suggest is to make that when you use the beacon, a UI would appear on top of it, always facing the player (if there's two players it would face the closer one) with buttons for each color in a grid, and also the "deactivate beacon" button. It would close if you use the beacon again or go away, should not be hard to implement
  7. look, wait for the 1.0 realease, and remember that this game is much better with friends (it makes it less boring, and more fun because bugs) but i would say yes, buy it
  8. Fabricators are dominating our enviromnent, slowy making us more dependant on them, first they removed our free-will of expanding the base without any module, now we need it, but now they've gone too far. Fabricators killed the Medium Printer and have taken over all of its utility, they killed a module to make us more dependant on them, they will take over the power of everything if we do nothing about it. We need to create a rebellion against Fabricators, the Anti-Fabricators, lets FIGHT AGAINST THEM AND MAKE THEM PREY FOR MERCY #antiFabricator pls this is a joke do not kill me
  9. i think they should implement this like lego worlds did, if you zoom in enough you turn first person, but its very limited, would be useful in small spaces and don't need a lot of work, just enough so its playable and keeping thrid person the main way to play
  10. yes, they would, but how would they work? like how we're should build them? Its hard to imagine things like that
  11. animals are been working on already, please read the FAQ before posting suggestions
  12. I have a lot of friends in steam that plays astroneer, but i can't play with them because i use the windows 10 version (i bought the game when i only had an Xbox) also i love the crosshair on steam that doesn't exist on WIndows 10