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  1. PapaBear1289

    Trigger Drive/Rev Controls

    Hello Systems Team, Loving the game so far just wanted to pitch the idea of switching vehicle driving to the triggers to drive and rev and using joy sticks to steer and move the camera. Im an xb1 player so using one stick to steer, drive and stop is really trick when you maneuver the camera. Thanks for allowing me to have some input. Happy Gaming,
  2. PapaBear1289

    Huge problem with savegame!

    I am having the same problem just on xb1. Is there a place in the main menu that shows your saved games or is it just kind of load automatically?
  3. PapaBear1289

    Astroneer FAQ

    Hello Systems team, I just started playing this amazing game and was noticing that it seems that my games are not saving or maybe they are and I just dont know where to find them? Where in the main menu do I access my recent saved games? Thanks for the help in advance.