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  1. fogryu

    He is alive !

    That's what i finnally did... Annoying but yeah, that works ! Ok so no solution for this problem yet, good to know, i hope that gonna change :p. Thanks for your answer!
  2. fogryu

    He is alive !

    Hi everyone ! I just get a "funny yet annoying" bug. I think i'm not the first one to get it, it's pretty obvious. But this time ... It's annoying. To make a long story short, I stop with my rovers near an entry into the ground that I had made, I went down the rover and POF he jumped up, did a salto ( somersault ? Sry, not native english speaker :p), and landed on the back in the hole of the entry ... So it's blocked ... pretty annoying. Anyway to get it back ? Or did i have to destroy my entry and everything, hopping that he don't gonna go down ?... Thanks !