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  1. Before the 0.7 I was already thinking there was too many research items underground. I even think there are more now. Items are even not buried. Here a video to show you part of it but I can assure you it was only a small part of what was in there. ASTRONEER-0.7-research-items.mp4
  2. I understand your point but i'm glad it changed. I still find air tanks in this version. At the moment titanium is only useful to make them and winch. If you find everything before, what's the point of titanium... I agree fireworks do not have to be there (unless you consider them as a distress rocket) and extenders too, but for the others I think it's fine. ASTRONEER-0.7-corpse.mp4
  3. No weapon ... ah yes dynamite is not a weapon ... like many weapons at first, until they become one ... I still don't understand why there is dynamite in this game. Oh yes to remove old stuff you don't need anymore ... I think, we could imagine something less "deadly" to do that! No weapon is fine ... but defines what a weapon is. A stone is a Weapon. Gas is a weapon. Removing air is also a weapon. A hole is a weapon. The tool we use in the game is a weapon against plants, and removing soil under a player might be deadly too. That said, I agree with the no "weapon" but I'll also be happy with more challenges... to me, exploration with no risk is just a walk. There are already few topics about that. Here my reply to one of them:
  4. There are many possibilities even without weapons Meteor shower: at first small rocks with no damage and then bigger rocks. So you need to protect yourself quickly . Yes it is like the storms but not the same direction as it comes from the sky and it is maybe less predictable and to don't run out of variety ? You could have Robots that tries to suck your air or energy (even from your vehicules). And you have to make it fall inside a hole or create walls around him before it ran out of energy itself. At least it is a moving danger that also apply in caves. Or have a module later (something you need to discover maybe) to do an EMP that will also stop the robot (faster) (does it count as a weapon ? no one is hurt). I know the path finding might be a problem in this game... Add some kind of wells just small enough for the player to fall and being damaged, even die, but not enough for rovers to fall. And could also serve as rewards as there could be other astroneer corpse at the bottom. Instead of visible toxic plants, there could be some plants or gas bubble inside the soil. you release it when you digg so you also have to pay attention when you digg. There already are rocks with smoke. It could be really hot smoke that damage you Aliens that fall from the cave ceiling! If it falls on you, it will cover your helmet (you don't see anything) and tries to break it. You have to press a button quickly to remove it and throw it away. Then tramples it (or it just runs aways). How to avoid the exploding monster! (I know subnautica has it, minecraft too, diablo, and so many others before that) And why not some kind of quicksand. You can no longer move and start sinking. You then have to fill it with real soil... Or unstable soil, that will break if you stay on it for too long Dazzling creature/plant/small explosion/(even maybe a falling star!): white screen for a few sec. Alone it doesn't hurt, cumulated with other dangers (even those already ingame) it could become dangerous (suffocating, gas plant, falling)
  5. I tried on the first planet with a wind turbine and a small generator and in the end tested the new rover for over an hour without activating the small generator! This might be another story on another planet but I even think it is too powerful!
  6. I really enjoy the new Rover physics (at least for the new small rover, not tested others yet). And I like being able to change the camera without changing the rover direction, but on PC once you are used to the old controls, I find the old one better (keyboard vs mouse precision). So I am back with the previous mode (thank for letting the option). The only think I didn't liked in the previous version, was when the Rover changed from foreward to backward when you moved to fast. I think it shouldn't change the direction if you did not release the right button but that's another story... What I suggest here is to have both worlds at the same time! If I'm right, the left button is not used when you are in a Rover. So I'll keep the previous mode for the right button (keep it pushed to controll the rover) and be able to move the camera with the left button to see what's behind you without changing you direction. (Not sure what it should do when both are pushed, maybe keep the camera position as a reference to move the car but from that position... we can always consider left or right to have the priority over the other one in last resort)
  7. I agree, the search tool is almost useless. For example if you search for "mineral extractor" you won't have any result! But if you search only for "extractor" you'll find a lot of results and the first result countains "mineral extractor"! This makes it difficult to know if someone already talked about something.
  8. When leaving, the player is placed below the rover and the physics repulses it! Just put your sea in the font (not above) and it should be ok)
  9. I am on the Tundra planet at the moment, and found many Titanium & Lithium deposits (far too many in my opinion but might be wanted for the alpha?). From the wiki: It's seems ok to me that you can get a little resources with the Terrain Tool ... but not so much. I can get at least 1, almost 2 just with the Terrain Tool. I think we shouldn't be able to get a complete LIthium or Titanium from only 1 deposit without a crane. In fact, I think the entire deposit should only provide resource to create a bit more than 1 Lithium or Titanium. So without a Crane we should only be able to get less than 0.5 of those. Wiki again: Well, it is not rare at all. The "worst" part of it, is that at the moment there is so little things you can do with both (worst for the titanium as you don't need many tank and winch, and you will probably find tanks before a titanium deposist) that I don't mine them anymore (I know you can use them for the research but there is also too many Collectibles) In fact I think there is too much of everything at the moment (even for an "easy" mode) Maybe this is intentional for the alpha to help players to go faster (and because you have to start over often), but even for that purpose you could reduce the amount of deposits/collectibles by 2 without realizing it. What do you think?
  10. I agree, it can this way store multiple partial material and it can be less than 1 unit. 3/4 seems too much, I suggest something more like 1/10 BUT being able to also recycle wrecks with it. This way the machine will be more useful and this will encourage for exploration. (Using the Winch we should be able to drag them to this machine)
  11. I do find mineral extractor being too powerful in its current state 8 canister for 1 lithium is so easy with a crane on a rover. BUT don't remove it, just tweak it! Here is my suggestions : as someone said, the soil should be different from planet to planet. It shouldn't be possible to get lithium from Terran soil. (even rare materials shouldn't be extracted this way or at least not from the beginning) There is already enough lithium in wrecks on the Terran planet for example. => but I'll add the possibility to transport small wrecks to some kind of recyclers that generates little resources (a slot like the player tool or crane so little by little but of multiple materials) It will encourage players to go to another planet to get more lithium and even explore the planet to find wrecks. (as a side note, planets could have something that cannot be found the first time and need something from another planet => encouraging to leave the planet is good but why not also encourage to come back and have a second lecture of that planet) at least double the amount needed. It should be a little extra instead of being the main resource production. To me Trade Platform is a bit redundant and far less powerful at the moment as it is not a material creation, but a material conversion, and it costs more than what you receive. But you cannot nerf one without nerfing the other one. Otherwise you could create Malachite from one to get lithium from the other one and in the end face the same problem... => To this end, the Trade Platform should be "random"... You can get materials that you cannot extract from this planet but the amount should be limited and random. There should be a list of X resources you can exchange for a limited time (planet day/night cycle ? real time ? Number of resources change according to the planet and the day/night cycle ?). For example at the moment there are: - 2 resins - 1 lithium - 1 coal - 3 Hydrazine And for this limited period of time there will only be those 7 materials. You'll have to wait for the next period for new materials to exchange. We could even imagine that the resource required is also decided. You can see what resources are in the exchange list like for the 3D printer and it adjust the required materials to get it. Example: 2 resins require 4 compounds this time and the next time it might be 2 resins for 1 Malachite and 1 Laterite I can understand that you want freedom but either the game gives you everything from the start for free (or so) and you use it or not as you want OR the game has some rules like it is at the moment. There is an extractor and it needs soil, so it's not free, there are rules so why not trying to improve it. As suggested before, the game could have some kind of game sets (easy/medium/hard/custom). There must be predefined modes you cannot change, this way every player playing the game mode will have the same rules can compare if they like too. ("I could create a base on that planet in less that X hours in HARD mode, can you beat that!"). A DEFAULT (you cannot change game rules) and a CUSTOM mode (you can change everything or more likely what devs have time to expose) could be enough to begin with. But the DEFAULT mode should be the challenging one otherwise no "competition" will be possible.