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  1. Gray Mouser

    Stalagmites & Rocks

    It's interesting... Some people experience greater issues with rovers, while others don't... Once they pretty much fixed the gravity/rover thing (rovers would begin to float away once you were far enough away for the system to stop generating gravitational effects [to reduce processing requirements, such effects are only calculated in immediate proximity to the Astroneer] on them, so to keep your rover safe, your best bet was to build an arch or spur that would extend over the top of it, and hold it to the ground...), the only issue I had was right after a new patch I got my tech up to the new small rover, went out driving and raiding wreckage...hopped out to investigate one such, and while raiding it my rover suddenly just dropped through the ground, and that whole section of land started acting like water -especially interesting for a game that HAS no water- as in, I fell into the ground, then bobbed back to the surface over and over, but was able to 'swim' to a section I could stand on, and was back on 'dry' land...too far from my base to run back to. But the next patch seemed to mostly fix the ground, and I never experienced it again. There have been issues with ground collision and vehicles for most of the development cycle. I'm trying to be hopeful about Terrrain 2.0, but I'm afraid the issues will continue. Think positive: at least you never had your rover launch itself into orbit...with you in the driver's seat. That used to be a thing.
  2. Gray Mouser

    The New Astroneer Suit....

    Ok, as a general policy I prefer to cruise the forums (even after an extened absence), find some vitriol-filled, needlessly insulting rant from Touch of Grey and not only disagree, but perhaps even the smallest amount of trolling him... But while I certainly completely disagree with the vehemence of his spew of venom this time...the actual opinion (much as it pains me to admit it) I do agree with. After all the devs had talked about different outfits for more hostile environments (not really interested, I like my Orange, thanks), and even showing some of the prototypes to us, I was figuring on something more like...I dunno, maybe 2001 Dave suit, or maybe a more modern NASA style. But what do we get? A basic suit with a stretched fish-bowl helmet. Well, I guess I can't complain TOO much. I was never going to fully switch. I love my Orange, so I guess the advantage is I STILL don't have to even hesitate when deciding on which suit to use in a fresh's Orange, every time. =P
  3. Gray Mouser

    This game's beauty still amazes me

    So do we do we. I can't even tell you how many times I've just gone driving to explore, climbed a mountain to get a view of the land, then had it all unfold below me as the sun rose and just stood staring at the wonder of it all. I can't wait to see how Terrain 2.0 looks... (^_^)
  4. Gray Mouser

    Stalagmites & Rocks

    Yeah... Good luck with that one, Cap... Sadly, there was even supposed to be a fix waaaaay back that made it so rocks didn't spawn on surfaces you created with your terrain tool...and they still spawn in. Sigh. I'm pretty sure the reason for the annoying rocks and stalagmites is that they're trying to keep it like this is all 'wild' terrain, and despite the fact that on every world type we know of there are places where the rocks and such have been covered over by shifting sand, drifting dust particles and the like, they just kinda apply the general land form of 'many rocks everywhere' to all parts of all planets and call it 'natural'. I wouldn't really mind so much if I could create a road network that would allow me to drive effortlessly between locations (I've done solid stretches in Minecraft, so I'm obsessive enough), but any roads you make will eventually (and not slowly, sadly) spawn rocks and stalagmites as appropriate.
  5. Gray Mouser

    O2 vs Storyline & Funtime

    I'm not going to bother trying to explain things that I covered in the post that so many (certain) folks decided to completely ignore (I suspect it was because facts just don't fit in with what is being griped about), so I'm going to make a psychic prediction that will perhaps be given more credit as psychic phenomena are MUCH more acceptable than facts: (Holds envelope with printed image from release date reveal from E3 2018 against forehead) ...ah... It's becoming clear now... As I cast my mind forward in time the mere distance of seven months to just after the full release of Astroneer...I can at last see how things will be in the final build...yes... I see... The spirits are showing me that Oxygen consumption at the current rate will be unchanged, as the Dev team feels (like so many others) that people that cry about a feature that has been in the game for most of it's development should just play another game... ...I see...oh, the sorrow... Tethers are still strung across the world to allow Astroneers to breathe away from their bases and rovers, and sadly they STILL haven't been fixed to prevent random disconnects and lag issues... Terrain 2.0 is finally out, and while most think it's prettier than the old world gen, they still wonder why their terrain tools become jumpy on other planets, and the dev team is still as silent on the issue as always... The new universal lore has all been held up till the last minute, so there has been no playtesting by the community, and nearly everyone hates it because it's so different from what they thought the game was going to be... ...what is this horror you show me spirits?! The forums are still victim to the trolls that hate everything about how Astroneer works, but still insist that THEY should get to decide how the game should play?? WHY, O SPIRITS?? WHY SHOW ME THIS HELLISH FUTURE?!? (slumps to the table in disgust) ...why? Why don't they EVER learn that if they don't like how a game is made, they should just make a better game themselves?? ...or just play a DIFFERENT game??? ...O foul future, show not thyself before mine third eye!! Begone, vile spirit that so loves to torment me!!! (wakes from apparent hypnotic state) ...huh? That's weird...I had begun to see a vision...then everything faded out... And who tore up this envelope with the picture in it?? Ah well, I guess I'll just have to live without knowing what the future holds, and instead simply wait till December to see how little they actually change the game. It was worth a try, I guess...
  6. Gray Mouser

    O2 vs Storyline & Funtime

    The problem with O2 bubbles is that you only get them once (and one way). On your return unless you've left some behind, they have not respawned. But make one filter and accept that, while you're using it to return, you can't carry a research block, and it (or at most, if you went CRAZY far, two) WILL get you back to your rover or O2 line. I just tested the timing, and by stepping away from my base, and waiting till my O2 was almost gone, then placing it on my pack (or Terrain Tool), then removing it as soon as the pack was fully refilled, and repeating as needed, I was able to stay standing there for the length of the initial pack full, plus 10min 45-ish seconds. And that was WITH having made a couple mistakes (holding the filter, then trying to get out my Terrain tool, automatically putting anything in your hand into your pack) in the process. So overall time is well OVER 11 minutes away from any O2 source. It's certainly not an ideal way to explore (who wants to have to carry something in your hand while walking, and have to not only put it down to use your tools, but remember to pick it back up when you start gasping, or go to leave the area), but you CAN explore for quite a while (and with multiple filters, a LONG while) and be protected from walking foolishly away from your rover with no tether line. It'd be a LOT better if they would give you some way to carry something that would NOT count as actually connected to your a pocket, or satchel bag. Run around doing your own thing, notice O2 getting low, haul out your filter, stick it on your pack, fill up, take it back off, and into the bag it goes till you need it again...
  7. Yep. And THAT is exactly why I never use cheats, I usually play games in the 'Normal' mode, usually don't mod games except occasionally for appearances only. I find a tremendous amount of satisfaction in succeeding in a playthrough of a game in the way the game was originally intended. Change aspects to artificially make it easier OR harder, and it just doesn't feel like I'm actually playing the game I bought...
  8. No really, was Joe in one of the early vlogs (back when he actually did them on kind-of a regular basis) when he was doing Q&A, and someone asked if they were ever going to fix that the storms don't spin your wind turbines. He then explained why they don't do so, and went into detail about how they aren't really storms (wind blowing in a specific direction, or whirling around a central point) but a collection of field effects that move across the surface. (waving soft matter, flying rocks, 'windblown' Astroneer walking, etc) Oh, and try not to pay too much attention to Touch of Grey Gamer. He's well known for wanting complete control over everything, and despite so many people telling him that he really doesn't talk like Astroneer is the game he should be playing, he still INSISTS that it is, but he just wants complete control to make it be whatever game HE wants it to be, rather than the game that the Devs MEAN to release. The answer, of course is: You shouldn't have that kind of control, because that kind of control is not what the Devs WANT you to have, and adding controls of that kind is FAR more complicated than a team that is still having problems making the game stable are going to want to even consider. And the anger and hostility just goes along with the process for him.
  9. Gray Mouser

    No crashing here...

    No, I do not overclock my systems. It's more than fast enough for any game I have thrown at it so far, with all settings at maximum. The system is a laptop, with not only internal power, but when I game I ALWAYS use my original factory power supply, so yeah, it's getting enough power. I have ALWAYS run Astroneer on it's best settings, and in prior builds, it has crashed, yes, but never full locked my system. Dude, I appreciate the thought, but this is a 2yr old power gaming laptop, that is still worth $3000, and there are no issues with any other games I play. This is the first time I can remember my system freezing like this. The only time I had any issues with it was when the SSD my OS was on was failing, and I had to send it back for repairs under warranty. Game crashes (rarely), but system freezes? It don't happen like that on this machine. So, unless there is a major change in the rest of the behavior of this system, and so far there have been NO other issues, I'm sticking with the fact that it was ONLY when trying to access Astroneer that my system froze up.
  10. Gray Mouser

    Is there a fix for this bug in Win10 ?

    I doubt it will help, but please post a clarification stating what revision of the game you are playing, and what version (Steam, Win10, Xbone)... I assume you have tried an uninstall/re-install... Well, hope things get better. Good luck.
  11. The storms have NEVER been properly implemented, and there (again) seems to be no effort being made to fix this either. I don't remember which vlog it was (and I'm not willing to go back and rewatch), but Joe admits that storms aren't really storms (you know, ACTUAL wind, kinetic force, etc), but are just fields of 'effects', and even says that it is something that needed to be worked on. (it was in reference to people talking about how your wind turbines don't turn in relation to storm wind) I just really wish that instead of giving us a garbage disposal, they'd give us a world that just works better. 'Free' research flowers? How 'bout resources and research blocks that don't just fall through the planet surface? Expanded multiplayer? How 'bout STABLE multiplayer? Adding things to a game that doesn't actually WORK consistently does not make sense. FIX the game, THEN make it bigger and better. All adding things does is make the repairs that much more complicated... Oh, and the likely culprit for your increased frequency is likely that the system is calculating storms independently on each of your systems, but manifesting ALL calculated storms, rather than just the host...but it sounds like you are experiencing WAY more storms than I normally get, even in solo play, so there's also that...sheesh.
  12. Gray Mouser

    Why don't I explore more

    Yep. And not even always huge networks. Sometimes visibly connected tethers will just stop being 'live', and if you can't get to a rover or your base in time, you die. And reports of constantly increasing lag and performance loss the more tethers there are in the game. HUGE gripes since they were added to the game, and no apparent effort being made to fix it... I hate to say it, but I'm becoming quite disillusioned with Astroneer. I just had it hard-lock my system so bad I had to hard-power down. There really needs to be a limit to adding things to a game you aren't actually FIXING the core performance issues in... I have loved playing Astroneer for the last year, but when it gets bad enough to hard lock an MSI Titan laptop with 32Gb of RAM and dual 980M GPUs in an SLI configuration, there's a pretty serious problem. And that's not even including the posted issue with the game going resource crazy after a couple hours of gameplay... And the Fail to Launch issues, glitch crashes, falling through the planet surface, the list goes on and on... I'm really getting worn out with it all.
  13. Yep. This has been an issue for a long time. It seems like the only hope we have is that Terrain 2.0 in full release will address it, but I personally doubt it. Digging won't do you any good...well, unless you complete digging to the center of the world (whichever world you are on), as there is now concrete evidence that everything that falls through the surface just falls to the core of the world, and can only be gotten back by digging down to it... Sigh.
  14. Gray Mouser

    No crashing here...

    Current Version: 0.9.0 Steam - Hard lock. As the title says, there weren't no crashing here, but wow... This is a first that I recall for me. Started a new world, playing along, needed to take a restroom break, so went to enter my freezes. Completely locks my system. I was able to <Alt+Tab> out to Steam, but when I right-clicked the Astroneer window icon in my taskbar to close it, my whole computer locked up with the exception of my mouse. <Ctrl+Alt+Del> does nothing, <Alt+Tab> nothing. No clicks or right-clicks make any difference. Had to hard-reset my system, since I couldn't access my Task Manager. Couldn't even properly shut down. Just press and hold power till hard power off... Not happy about this one. I don't like doing hard-resets... I hope there's gonna be a debug update soon, cause I'm not playing till I see one. I DO NOT like having my power gaming rig locked up. Lemme know when you patch this thing... Sigh.
  15. Gray Mouser

    Why don't I explore more

    Ok, contrary to your implied belief, what you can do underwater is VERY different from what you can do OUT of the water. Go get yourself a SCUBA tank, and a strap harness. Then build yourself a space suit (don't worry, it don't need to actually BE airtight) that is robust enough to not rupture if you trip, or heck, we can even ignore that part (supposed improvements in fabric), but it should still be kinda bulky and a little heavy/awkward. Now, go for a hike, using only the SCUBA tank for air. Not only will it NOT support you for as long as you would think (admittedly longer than 30sec, but the faster breathing empties the tank faster), but you'd be EXHAUSTED very quickly, as the tank is very heavy (it has to be, to withstand the pressure), and you would overheat/grow fatigued as well. So it's not a real reach to say that you'd HAVE to have a shorter time above the waves than below, just to keep you from wearing out. Now, you can argue scientific advances, but since 1942 (when Gagnan and Cousteau patented the Aqualung) the length of time a diver can spend under water has changed very little, nor have the tanks that are used. Breathable gasses (O2 only being about 20% of what we breathe, with Nitrogen making up the majority of the rest) can only be compressed so far, so it's not like you can make them smaller. So here we've come over 75yrs since the current style of high pressure air tanks were invented, and we've made basically no progress in increasing dive time (other than re-breathers, the equipment for which is even heavier and requires the regular changing of carbon scrubbers) even though during that time we went from prop-driven airplanes to multiple moon landings, smart phones and electric production cars. In some areas (dealing with the limitations of physical matter, most commonly) we simply have no luck making real improvements. Now, take into consideration the equipment and lines needed to refill SCUBA tanks, and compare that to the 'lines' associated with the in-game 'tethers' (not just an anchor point for a rope anymore), and it's no dramatic concept to say that having the ability to be away from what is most likely fairly low pressure delivery systems for any real amount of time would still be out of the question. And finally, the very real fear of running out of breathable air is ALWAYS supposed to be a part of ANY space game. Otherwise, why is it in space? Yeah, Astroneer's time is short, but not to an extent that is outrageous (...well, maybe a little). Freedom of movement (reduced travel mass) always comes at a price. Usually reduced free time, whether deciding not to carry the weight of a camel pack when hiking because of the accelerated fatigue from increased carry mass, but decreased travel range for lack of water (specifically in arid conditions) or cold gear, rain gear, whatever.