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  1. MarcusUniversee

    tractor fell inside core???

    While my friend was riding the tractor with two trailers on it, he suddenly drove into one of those pillars connected to the core. I couldn't find him though he said that he was outside of it and nothing was wrong. He drove the tractor out about halfway then got out. He later then saw the trailer at the end fly away. I did not see the trailer fly away. I saw that the trailer stayed inside the pillar. I knew this because I had a oxygen line connecting me to inside the pillar. We clicked randomly at the pillar and we managed to take the rover seat off the trailer, but we weren't able to get the trailer. This is my save, not my friend's.
  2. MarcusUniversee

    research chamber

    My research chamber broke...
  3. MarcusUniversee

    New complex machines/systems

    So I have have been playing a lot of Minecraft lately. I noticed that even after you beat the game, there are still things to do, like build cool structures a make redstone machines. That led me to thinking that astroneer should add something like that. So far, systemera has just been adding new structures and new machines to do do new things. But what if we had a system like redstone, and made our own complex machines. The possibilities are endless. We could put basic machines together to make new complex machines like giant automation systems. Astroneer could then be a game where you could just keep going and going. Please share with me anything that could add to this!
  4. MarcusUniversee

    Hyrdrazine only ONE Ammonium

    I am already towards the end of the game, and I still only use solid fuel thrusters over hydrazine thrusters because ammonium is hard to find and make with the soil centrifuge. I would probably start using hydrazine thrusters to if Ammonium was either easier to find or hydrazine costs one ammonium. Tell me what you think!
  5. MarcusUniversee

    Soil types and resources

    Collecting harder soils would should also output that soil when you build
  6. MarcusUniversee

    Soil types and resources

    Yeah! Different levels of soil centrifuge sounds great! Does System Era still check these suggestions?
  7. MarcusUniversee

    Soil types and resources

    This makes the soil centrifuge, a bit OP.So I suggest that you don't get to choose the resources that you extract. Instead, you press extract and it gives you a certain number and type of material based off chance. E.g: Surface soil on terran; This canister of soil contains 30% resin 10% compound 20% quartz 25% clay 5% malachite 10%laterite (these percentages can vary based off of chance) If you find this a bit confusing please tell me and i will explain it better!
  8. MarcusUniversee

    Soil types and resources

    I agree! Possibly surface soil giving the primary resource(s), and harder soil giving the secondary resource(s).
  9. MarcusUniversee

    Soil types and resources

    Different types of soil you can collect in canisters (or different canisters for different soil). Certain types of soil must be found in caves or on different planets. In the soil centrifuge, different types of soil can give you different types of resources. Example: Surface soil on Terran only gives you basic resources. But a soil found deep in a cave can give you laterite. Another type of soil on a different planet gives you compound, but twice the amount a normal surface soil would give you. Let me know what you guys think!
  10. MarcusUniversee

    home base platform

    only the home home habitat i have seen so far
  11. MarcusUniversee

    home base platform

    the supposedly unbreakable platform around home base can be destroyed with this mechanic ASTRONEER (Game Preview) 10_5_2018 6_49_30 PM.mp4
  12. MarcusUniversee

    object pickup bug

    it shows the line as if you picked it up, but i am not holding it. Also, for some reason i am not able to pick up this object anymore.
  13. MarcusUniversee

    alignment mod improvements

    I think that either the alignment mod needs improvements but at a higher cost. For base building, it would nice to use "z" and "x" for shifting the angle of it. Z rotating the z position and x rotating the x position. This would allow players to create more complex bases
  14. MarcusUniversee

    Rename the vehicle bay

    I was thinking that in order to make research and crafting make more sense, the vehicle bay should be renamed to the large fabricator.
  15. MarcusUniversee

    Space travel

    This is a picture of the range i can go to. It would be nice if there was an bigger outer circle, so i could go to- lets say for example- exotic in the back. This would require double the fuel to travel though