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  1. I don't understand. The current compass works perfectly fine in navigation. The only issue is that you have to get out of your rover to see the compass. Other than that, there is no issue with the way the compass works. The current compass is not broken. It points north and south like a compass should.
  2. Instead of making hydrazine last longer, it would be better to have a larger hydrazine canister
  3. Sorry, but this is not really something practical to add into the game. It is too big and configure an elevator. Rovers or tractors and paths work just fine
  4. Yes agreed. But a easy way to prevent this would be pressing enter twice
  5. Yes. I agree there should be a quicker way to deposit things into storages. But to deposit items from storages into your backpack is very easy and doesn't need to be changed. You simply click on an item then press "F"
  6. I think the current system is fine. The less UI required, the better.
  7. Packagers are one of the most useful tools in the game, allowing larger objects to become smaller. This makes the packager extremely useful for the late game, and most scrap or soil is usually spent on graphite for the packager. Now whenever you open a packager, the box just disappears, which is pretty unrealistic and a bit unlike what I would have expected from this game. Just like thrusters and a few other consumable objects, they can be scrapped after use After opening a package, there should be a "package debris," which can be scrapped for a small amount (quarter of a scrap or le
  8. I agree. This would help with mistakes a lot. But it isn't that hard to get off Novus. All you need is some basic power generation, a few printers, and a minimal amount of resources (aluminum and ammonium). Every planet has the resources to create a small shuttle and a solid fuel thruster.
  9. Completely agree. New biomes need to be added. I'm not sure if specifically volcanoes, polar caps, or seas should be added though. Glacio is a polar caps within itself! Biomes should stay accurate to the planet's description I love the need to travel the planet. I actually makes unlocking all the gateway chambers useful! +1
  10. First of all, I never found earning bytes too hard or tedious, as going into the caves of glacio is really overpowered. But, I think this sort of idea with bytes from other sources is a great idea. However, earning bytes from mining, items printing, and planet unlocking doesn't make sense. Even if it earns minimal amounts of bytes, it allows a player to idle at their base earning bytes, which defeats the purpose of the game. Achievements would also not make sense because they can only be earned once. I would propose new items or modules that can help you earn bytes faster. As for bas
  11. I walked back to the south pole where my shuttle was from one of the gateway chambers that were not bugged. This is what I see. A unpowered but also powered gateway chamber.
  12. As space is the core of this game, planes don't really add much benefit or reason.
  13. I got and just posted about this same issue. I am on steam so this must be a bug that can happen to any platform.