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    i see all the res through the dirt

    My friend have the same problem. on Arid. So it's probably not only on Moon, maybe this bug appear on all planet except Terran?
  2. Porama6400

    0x80073CF9 - Windows 10 Store

    Sorry, the previous post can't be edit anymore It says in Microsoft Website " Sign in to your Order history and select Request a return. " <--- I'm copied whole line from MS website, you can just click that link
  3. Porama6400

    0x80073CF9 - Windows 10 Store

    As it is a problem related to Microsoft Store, maybe try to ask people on Microsoft Community ? They probably have more knowledge about your problem that people here. Microsoft have refund policy, You can read about it >>here<< Hope it helpful
  4. Porama6400

    i cannot build medium storage

    That's large storage that need to build at vehicle bay, medium storage can be build at medium printer
  5. Wind turbine sometimes does work, but sometimes it doesn't even when there are sound of wind
  6. Porama6400

    My random suggestion...

    Suggestions: Wind turbine should generate power depend on wind speed Rover have terrible torque, if it is more powerful will be more realistic Rover have too small battery on it, it can barely work on it's own, bigger battery will be more realistic Items RTG (Can be printed but need some resource such as Plutonium-238 from crash site) Fission Reactor (Need Uranium-235 or Plutonium-239 and some other item that can be found at crash site, If it is very hard to find will be great as it will be an end-game item and make life more exciting)
  7. Porama6400

    Space stations

    It will be nice if you can launch only one module at a time and you have to attach it in the space Airlock module would be nice though
  8. Porama6400

    Rover Train, moves too slowly

    Modularity of vehicle will be the best thing in this game
  9. Porama6400

    Rover Train, moves too slowly

    +1 Rover torque are terrible, it can barely move itself
  10. Porama6400


  11. Maybe..... JIRA?
  12. There are crack appear randomly everywhere in the world Those crack are transparent and if you jump in will float up through the dirt. I never forcefully close the game, I always use menu to close the game so I guess I am not the one who cause the corruption... right? Log: https://gist.github.com/Porama6400/3c0baba4b481aca8f40bcfd1c8ff88b3
  13. I've seen it on my world too. For me it's happened when I tried to charge my rover with large battery attached on the rover
  14. Porama6400

    Habitat provides no power

    So the RTG is included in the hab on Terran only? (I quite surprise that there are RTG in this game)
  15. Porama6400

    Crash when saving

    Astroneer crash when saving Log here: https://gist.github.com/Porama6400/9f451d3792c77fa2b9eb0c83d864009f