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  1. If you need any money in order to try to fix the lag I can try to help. Because the lag is extremely bad ! Please help I made two other posts and the lag is real 25mb and 100 mb internet ( two different times and the internet is slow please help. My only guess is I need to be popular for this to get read or get any help. Because nobody is viewing or even trying to help. System Era has never fixed the lag since alpha.
  2. Hello , just a few moments ago I invited my friend to play some astroneer . ( In this particular game I started played a couple days ago and it run has just fine.) So when he got in everything just got really slow like running was the speed of walking , moving things is very slow , and the rover is extremely unresponsive. When I would move my joystick the rover really didn’t move , I actually had to hold the joystick on the direction for awhile.While writing this post I was sitting in rover out looking for presents , my friend approached me , he said I was standing in one spot with just my bac
  3. Hey I have been playing multiplayer on xbox one and when either my friend or myself host the game the host is always lagging, for example I run as fast as I would normally walk in singleplayer. And when went to the moon he was able to take a canister off my back from sylva, he said the canister was above the habitat. I'm just getting upset that the lag on multiplayer has never been fixed. Were both on the same ( 100mbps ) network. Please help , thankyou!
  4. Hi playing astroneer wanderer update,playing 2 player coop.Very slow running and animations , and very glitchy. Hope to see a fix.
  5. (On Xbox One S) Last night February 21 2019, I got to the point where I activate the Unidentified Satellite,but when I did the game crashed to the home screen in the middle of the cutscene.So I loaded the game back in again and got back on to the cutscene,but when I loaded into the Shelter the game froze and crashed to the home screen.Hope y'all can fix it.Thanks!
  6. When I get on Astroneer(1.0) I am just fine when I load a game,but when I invite friends to play I become slow movement and slow cursor,and slow rover.I know this probably can't be helped,but I'm just telling this,so hopefully it can be fixed in a future update.