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    0x80073CF9 - Windows 10 Store

    Hi there, yes tried a good half a dozen options for clearing cache, resetting the store etc, 'fixes' for that error are quite well documented even if they don't resolve the issue I have however successfully installed the game on a different windows 10 machine using the same windows account, if I can get to the bottom of why it won't install on my main PC I will update you. Thanks for your earlier reply, best wishes.
  2. I recently bought the game from the windows 10 store. When trying to install it, it downloads approx 3MB or so, then errors with the code 0x80073CF9. I have tried all the many suggestions found by googling that error and even reinstalled windows but the problem persists. Other games and apps can be downloaded and installed just fine. Microsoft wont seem to refund the purchase (there is no option to do so) as its a digital download. If i pass you the order details from the MS store, is it possible for you to 'convert' it to a steam key ? Or have you a solution to the above ? Cheers