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  1. Mouse/keyboard Steam (PC) Energy collected during last play session does not work anymore, only the packets that were collected during the current session charge the modules they are connected to. K.
  2. Hello, here is the info you asked for: Mouse/keyboard Steam (PC) Save a game in windowed mode (screen filled). Restore game with display set to fullscreen. Some scales and relations of objects are way off, e.g. the backpack appears too large and the items in it appear to hover over it some distance away. Hit boxes are off too, you cannot place anything in the backpack then. Saving and restarting without changing display settings works around the problem. I play on a laptop, this might also be related. First run was in windowed mode on the laptop display, second run at home on my monitor. Sorry, forgot screenies, will remember it next time. More info needed - just ask. Take care, K.
  3. Karolus

    Welcome Fellow Astroneers!

    I agree, roadmap looks very promising, that bit in particular. Astroneer being a non-violent game, I also showed it to the kids and they look forward to building things and digging (in small measures ofc). Looking forward to Sunday and what you guys have to say and what your first impressions will be. K.
  4. Karolus

    Welcome Fellow Astroneers!

    Greytest from the Brocast? Excellent English but man kann nie ganz verbergen, wo man herkommt. Another German signing up, excited to try this and I hope everyone has a blast. Remember though, alpha etc. K.