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    Change in Co-Op programming

    Question to SES, Has it been considered to allow clients joining a hosted game, to download that hosts generated seed. So that each client will process their own game data and thus reduce the amount of Host Lag. And reduce the meta data transfer between the clients and the host. Then that seed would be wiped when they quit as they arent the originator of that seed.
  2. Richard Darrington

    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    You can now flip your vehicle when inside the Seat just tap X on your controller or the respective key for PC
  3. Richard Darrington

    New Interplanetary Rocket

    Pretty much but each stage would require more resources to make with a more complicated set of ingrediants. Maybe by having the ingredients being a combination of resources combined in an advanced smelter. Would give building it more thought process and mission Longevity
  4. Richard Darrington

    New Interplanetary Rocket

    I'd like to have the ability to build a larger Rocket where you can store store multiple items. Make it so you have to build the rocket in 3 stages. Each module requiring at least 4 resources each but of various resources coat. ENGINE module, STORAGE Module( 5 DOUBLE SLOTS/10 SINGLES AND COMMAND module. The engine module would have its own internal tank and hydrazine cataylser which woukd require ammonium to be processed prior to take off. Would require the equivalent of 12 ammonium to be full of hydrazine. The storage has double doors that open while landed to allow access and the engine module produces processed oxygen and power much like the hab. Ship design based of of Vintage rocket design. Streamlines with 3 fins that act has landing legs with a ladder up the side for command moduke access or leave it for the astroneers to build a ramp up to the command module
  5. Platform: Xbox One Session: Third party hosted Co-op Issue: items not physically snapping to Rover ports Upon reconnecting to a friends Saved session yesterday. I was trying to attach a small gennie and a power cube to a small rover, I wouldn't get the snap sound but the items would sit there like they were attached. Proceeded to jump in the seat and drive off and the icons just stayed in the air in the position where I placed them. Also internal battery on small rover was empty but rover still moved. Was able to repeat this process at least 3 times. To fix the bug I removed the seat and replaced. Sorry no pictures.
  6. Richard Darrington

    The Rover Update - May 8th, 2018

    Use a small generator with organic, the charge rate is very fast giving you at least 5-6 recharges before you exhaust your organic pod. Thst and the energy usage on the small rover is really low allowing much further travel and longevity of an exploration before any recharge is needed.