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  1. Astroneer is a stable game frame rate wise but when a friend joins you the server lags and the frame rate drops. If this could be fixed by the end of Q1 2018 that would be great.
  2. Malachite


    This is a great idea I thought of something like this as well.
  3. Malachite

    There Needs to be a Portable Teleporter

    Zip lines also seem like a good idea. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. Malachite

    More Survival Ideas

    Astroneer is a great game as it is but it is in it's alpha stage meaning there is lots for to add. One of my ideas is that Astroneer should contain more survival like essentials. Here are two of my ideas: 1. Food - I believe food should be an item in this game to make it more challenging but before creating a server there would be a difficulty option which change the amount of food you would need daily to survive. Food could be obtained from destroyed ships, killing plants, and from organics. On the hardest difficulty you would need five units of food each day. On medium you would need three each day. On easy you would only need to eat one. 2. Drinking Water- Just like food, water would add a more survival like aspect to the game. Changeing difficulty would also change the amount needed. Water could be abtained by filling a canister with soil then extracting a material, using the material extractor, leaving behind a canister with some fresh ground water. On a hard difficulty you would need to drink five units a day. On medium, three, and on easy you would need one.
  5. Malachite

    Introduce Yourself - Megathread

    I've been playing this game for a couple of months now figuring out strategies for base building and efficient use of power. This game is a great game and it keeps on getting better. There are quite a few bugs but keep up the good work devs.
  6. I have always struggled getting researchables out of a cave due to the camera freaking out and causing my character to walk at slow speeds. A good way of fixing this are portable teleporters. You use one aluminum and one lithium in a medium printer to craft two of these teleporters. You then place one at your base or your desired location then you place one next to the item that you would like to teleport. There would be a place on the teleporters were you could attach a battery or power cable as the teleporters would need power.
  7. Malachite

    A list of ideas

    All these ideas are really great and they would really effect how you play the game in good way.
  8. This is a good idea. I thought about it when when we accidentally crafted the wrong platform.
  9. Malachite

    Extreme Frame Drop

    Me and some of of my friends play on our own server that I host and when my friend gets a certain distance away from me and begins to mine, my frame rate drops dramaticly and I begin to lag.