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  1. termos22

    Rover bug

    i Assume that you are playing PC version. Try using "Left ALT + LMB". It works much more often. This was posted many times.
  2. termos22

    Why would the Vehicle Bay not print my rover?

    It depends also on power source. If you have insufficient power source, printing time will be extended.
  3. termos22

    He is alive !

    Yes, you have to dig it up. This is currently one of the feature of the game . Rover interaction with terrain and all addons is the main buggy episode of the game. Devs are aware of this and they are working on solution (i really hope they do so). All you can do is to dig around rover to have some space and try to rotate it. Use "E" key on rover (if you play on PC). This should place rover on wheals. I have made this many times, my rover recently felt into cave through too thin ceiling (there was still a ground). I dug into the cave than made an exit tunnel with a ramp. It took some time but it worked, rover saved.
  4. termos22

    An idea for research!

    I think that developers are focusing on fixing game engine, physics and trying to fix current content. This should be working first before they try to add another content. Game community has manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy different ideas but game mechanics should be patched first. I would also like to see additional content but we need to wait for it bit longer.
  5. I play Minecraft also and i use external program to generate world map. In this case i also create some kind land marks to locate myself in overwhelming world. But in Astroneer planets are smaller areas. Maps or GPS would spoil the fun. Using extended compass would be more fun and quite easy and i think this wouldn't overpower this brilliant invention. Especially since beacons can be easily covered by mountains and planet horizon. Recently i have placed beacon underground few meters from my main base. When i am in base i can't see it but It's visible from space. Nice arrow on compass projected on ground arround my player would be best solution.
  6. During my wander through planet terrain i was thinking about navigation. Than i read few posts regarding maps and GPS. Due to you are alone on distant planet there is no map and you are not able to develop global positioning system but you have simple beacons. The idea is to combine compass with beacons. Allow compass to show destination to beacons. Not all at the same time but to a group of "green beacons" (limit to one color at a time, be able to chose group in compass menu). This would allow to group your waypoints in player style (show your vehicles, home base or important places "red blinking beacons"). How to display all this information? Allow compass to display on ground (after hovering on player, similar to terrain deform tool) a bigger circle with colour arrows on edge. Add a fancy grid to compass circle. Allow to display a distance to beacon next to an arrow. Holding use key during cursor on player there could open a compass menu, allow to chose which color of beacons to display. I think this would be nice alternative to current simple compass but would not create easy to use maps and GPS systems.
  7. termos22

    Exiting Vehicle Problems

    It is no problem when you have it on ceiling. More problematic is when your rover sink underground to the nearest tunnel. Quite often when i'm getting out of the rover it puts my Astroneer half under ground. Can't move. Need to jump to get to top layer of ground. This happens generally with big rover.