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    Big Problem Saving The Game

    Thx anyway XD
  2. Liam Owen

    Big Problem Saving The Game

    I bought it on Xbox and play it on pc.
  3. Liam Owen

    Big Problem Saving The Game

    I know how to save but sometimes it doesn't do it.
  4. I played for about five hours today, I built the large shuttle (that i worked really hard for) and i got off. Only about a hours worth of game was saved when i got back on two hours later. So I have to get all the resources again and go to different planets to build that stupid thing by my self. I made sure that I got in my habitat to save the game, I even did three times before I got off! This NEEDS TO GET FIXED or I can't play because no progress gets saved after hours of hard, tedious work. p.s. I know you guys have been working hard to add new things, fix bugs, and I just want to say keep up the good work! :) Also hope you guys get this.
  5. Liam Owen

    Win10 version won't update to 0.6.7

    Me too my friends have on Xbox but I have on windows so I cant play with them