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  1. ...those "Tumblespikes" are the bane of my life! Where do they appear from?
  2. @Reversion & @Rbox - I have to admit that there is not much fun to be had in a sandstorm, but it is part of the exploration experience. I love watching them...
  3. I just saw this post...madness. You need a girlfriend! ...want to buy one?
  4. Oh no, teething troubles...I can wait for a few 'things' that might need tuning. I am sure you all have a trillion things to consider and have been working very hard. If you get any complaints just refer them to me. I can't wait to see it. Bugs and all.
  5. You are totally right. Every time I play I find so many things to just stare it...well worth £12 without even "playing" the game. I am getting excited for next week! What awaits us?
  6. @Mcnotmac - I love your avatar! That is awesome, but I now have to wipe my desk after coughing-up a mouthful of Lucozade. However, it doesn't taste as good when it is fizzing up my snout. TPB's rule.
  7. Sorry for not replying sooner! @Mcnotmac - really? Have you never been killed by anything while you were distracted elsewhere? Those flying spiky-things get me all the time...they haunt me. I don't think you are trying hard enough. Listen to King Crimson and turn it up. The intro to 'The Court of the Crimson King' will allow it to happen! Are you looking forward to the grand release? I can't wait.
  8. @Wary Explorer - I find that making a complete tool of oneself, every now-and-again, is good for the spirit. Remember, just now-and-again.
  9. @nerb - it is really easy to work out everything just by pressing Q or E.
  10. Wouldn't you think a 'map' function would be a very basic thing? Either that or being able to attach information to the beacons would be nice.
  11. I would have thought this would have been added a while ago...
  12. Brilliant idea! Without adding anything to the game it would look extra-cool, but drilling for stuff would be great fun.
  13. The best idea I have read today! I have a pretty good sense of direction, but even I get lost (often). Why isn't there a GPS already?
  14. Some form of base customisation would be very cool indeed. Domes would be good, but cylindrical, or even inflatable, units would be very nice. If you have ever seen KSP (Kerbal Space Programme) there are loads of base-building options that allow you to make some really nice looking bases, but require very few 'parts'. I just read another thread that suggested automated systems - combining both would be very productive. You could also have some really nice models! Failing this happening just wait until modders start messing about...
  15. ...I love the ideas, but my favourite is the idea of automated excavators. Genius.
  16. There is...battery and oxygen tank.
  17. Even if the dead astroneer had a name-tag... Even when sailing ships were exploring uncharted seas they kept logs of everything they saw. Go and have a look at the logs kept by 19th century Lighthouse keepers. How about the ability to write your own? A great find for future players. I would like to have seen some data on the stuff you research. Just for the geekiness of it.
  18. Nice one. I mean, what the bloody hell do I need fireworks for?
  19. A very well observed point! However, what if there wasn't sufficient 'flat' ground generated? You could have a deployable landing structure...
  20. ...just build your base in a cave. If you can't find one...make one. Those spikey things give me a pain in the Mick Jones.
  21. @Ben - a great idea. I get lost all the time...especially when you break through into parts you have already explored. Why not just use the same way you can get in/out of a maze - always place your tethers on the right. tToGG has some perfect solutions. I have cut markings into walls, mountain sides, etc. The idea for a 'fork' is brilliant! When you mention Beacons then you bring me to what I want: beacons that you can tag with text.
  22. That is an awesome idea. I have just run into this problem, but wanted a solution that didn't involve me trying Newtonian mechanics. Surly the 'astroneer' would know when there is a launch window to another planet/moon. The "telescope" idea is perfect. You could always make it a bit more hi-tech by making it some sort of radar (just for looks).