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  1. Report again When I install a beta proglram of the Summer-Update(link) on Steam, Planets and Stars that was be stoped revolution begun move again !! After all, I did not know the Reason why they stopped, but I would like to inform them that they have returned to their normal state for the time being Thank you
  2. One more report : I confirmed that Stars and Planets will move for about 0.5 sec when press 'Windows' button (show a Task-bar and Start-menu and close them) too.
  3. Hello again all I found an interesting thing about this problem, so I add report once more today. I did load a save-file which is having a problem tonight, then I realized that the position of the planet that was supposed to have stopped was changed. This pic is that, at last night (left half) and tonight (right half). and I found one more big thing !! Watch this movie please. The Sun, planets and stars in the Sky, They still keep stop at first. but You can see they are moving little by little when each ALT + TAB with a keybord. (They moves a little bit at
  4. Hello again System Era and all of Astroneers of the World I have a problem that the Revolution of all planets was stoped suddenly Description: Stop the Revolution all of Planets Platform : Steam Version / Build Number: v1.1.3 Specifications: Windows 10 64bit pro : v1809 - 17763.529 Intel i7-4770 (3.4GHz 4core HT) and ASUS GTX-1070 (8GB) and 2x8GB DDR3 1600Hz HDD (7200rpm) 1TB (about 400GB using, no partition) Xbox One contoroller with USB cable #USB using with only Mouse and Keybord and Xbox One Controller -------------------------------------------------
  5. - one more pics I confirmed it happned on more two places othre than here.... <Before> <After> Please fix this asap Thanks
  6. @GreemPig Thanks a report Ah I see, So this problem is a bug that happens everywhere and at uncertain times unfortunately Ok, I hope SystemEra can fix it asap Thanks
  7. @diseasedmeat Hi, Thanks for reply I'm playing on Solo in this case. Yes, I did try to dig this place, but I could not get anyghing with terrain-tool, and no show up a resorce-icon with a mouse cursor too. The resources buried there were completely lost After that, I got a similar lost-bug where some waste are placed(broken platform and generator, etc) in same game too. I have been playing for about 165 hours since the Early Access version of this game, but this kind of bug happened for the first time. (maybe I just didn't realize that until now though....) Thanks
  8. ### about an Update 24.May Sorry, My 1st post already can not be edited X), That update-size was 59MB, Game version is v1.1.3 now
  9. Hello System Era and all of astroneers from Japan Today(24,May), I got a little update (about 90MB), and I already had play for few hours. I want to report a bug(?) "Loss Resorces" on Silva. I found a resource neer the Core, I went back to the Base once my inventory was full. After that (about few minuts later), when I returned to the same place again, ALL RESOURCES had DISAPPEARED.... I have seen this issue three times in about 3 hours, on the Silva. so I report this here. <Before> <After> I have not yet confirmed similar bugs on other planets, other places, a
  10. Hi I had problem that is CTD at movie part with another game. It happend CTD on movie part and I couldn't launch a game right. but It was solved now In my case, a cause was a Vide-Codec by third party. (e.g. ffdshow, CCCP, K-Lite codec pack, etc) Try uninstall or update them once if you have them Some thirdparty's vide(music)-player or Movie-maker software include some codecs, so check them out too if it possible, I recommend it Hope this helps, Thank you Im sorry to my not good English....
  11. Helo all of SystemEra's great staffs I have a request about a controling with Game-pad (Xbox360 and Xbox One controller) This is a quote from a post 'Most Frequent Suggens ~' I playing a game with Xbox360 or Xbox One's game-pad very well on PC, as well as the ASTRONEER. I wonder why a Digging and a Rising (vacume and discharge) are NOT corespond to an Analog-inputing with Left/Right Triggers with these controllers. These responds is only just 1 or 0 (ON or OFF) in current game version. That is one of regrettable matter X) Therefore I think that I hope you will add this impr
  12. Hi again, i have some request for translation 3. TETHER (description of the Tether) (v0.8) "酸素移動 (sa n so i do u)" is means 'move or carry oxygen', so I tink that is better to translate it to "酸素供給 (sa n so kyou kyuu)" in this case. b.t.w, this TETHER is transfer Oxygen and Power too, so it should add it, "酸素・電力の供給 (sa n so , de n ryo ku no kyou kyuu)" is best) 4. Message in Tutrial (v0.8) Its not be used generaly 'do tether' for us, so we don't understand this message. so its better to ”酸素の供給を得るためにローバーに近づきましょう (sa n so no kyou kyuu wo e ru ta me ni ro - b
  13. Hello all of great staff of Systemera I have to say big thanks for your great work the ASTRONEER, I'm always look forward to each update I have some request for translation of Japanese language in a game today. I don't know that japanese-font(text) will be posted right in this board, so I upload some pics in same time. I'm sorry to my not enough of English...I hope you would understand my message X) 1. Trade Platform ”プラットフォームを交換する” (v0.8 now) When re-translate it, a meaning is 'Change a platform', we can't understand at all for this platform(lol so I recomend translate to